Erin Rogers – “Dawntreader” (Relative Pitch Records, 2019)

Erin Rogers is a Canadian and American composer, improviser and saxophonist. Her music is completely based on experimental music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. A saxophonist likes to expand the technical abilities of her instruments, create wide and organic stylistic variety – her works explore the synthesis of chamber music, sound alchemy, and theatre, balancing between  acoustic and electronics. The music is moving between free improvisation and arranged composing, impressive riffs and silent pauses, ambient tunes in haunted and abandonned mood changed suddenly by tremendous culminations and passionate riffs. Erin Rogerss always developpes her very own sound, brand new conception of music and innovative point of view. Her works were presented in numerous of festivals and the tours on world-wide scene of contemporary academical music. Erin Rogers has played with the “International Contemporary Ensemble”, “Talea”, “Copland House”, and “wildUp”, and is co-artistic director of the experimental performance ensembles: “thingNY”, “New Thread Saxophone Quartet”, “Hypercube”, and “Popebama”.

“Dawntreader” is a debut solo album recorded and performed by Erin Rogers. Saxophonist is demonstrating the best capacities of playing and improvising. She explores new fields of musical language – synthesized and natural tunes, open and classical forms, extended and traditional ways of playing, brand new conception of improvising, sonoristic experiments, simple and especially difficult musical language, polyphony and homophony are gently brought together in authentic and sensible way. The music is passionate, eclectic and twisting. The contrasts between different pieces are joined together – that makes an effective, dynamic and twisting sound. By using wide range of forms, playing techniques and moods, saxophonist is trying to get out of the traditional comfort’s zone of sound. Erin Rogers is passing through silent ascetic tunes to deep silence, solemn tight tunes to monotonous minimalistic samples played in soft and relaxing mood. These episodes have simple and effective musical language, relaxing sound and calm mood. A saxophonist dives frequently in lyrical contemplations or researches of strange and evocative tunes. All wide range of textures and timbres expressed here – from tight, deep, tough, pressured to noisy, hysteric, shrieky, waining, growling, urgling and sharp. Sometimes the music is more similar to relaxing lullaby or dreamy peaceful interpretation – it has meditative and suggestive sound. When saxophonist gets suddenly on wild culminations with rising attacks, sparkling riffs and roaring blow outs. These episodes are played in active and expressive mood. Expressive and vital melodies tinged with shrieky tunes, sharp timbres, noisy exclamations, hysteric riffs, passionate and tremendous solos, breaking sessions, terrific perturbations, tiny ornaments, extremely loud storms of sounds, tiny ornaments and astonishing passages – an impressive variety of sounds, tunes and colors is created. Erin Rogers shows her capacities of playing – she demonstrates an impressive virtuosity, the best sound quality and driving playing technique. The main playing techniques of modern academical music, electronics and experimental music are brought together with traditional, home-made, original and inventive ways of playing. A saxophonist manages to create an exclusive sound by using her creativity, talent and virtuosity.


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