Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash, Tony Orrell – “BleySchool” (577 Records, 2019)

Pianist Pat Thomas, double bass player Dominic Lash and drummer Tony Orrell are hreat improvisers and the experimentators of experimental jazz and contemporary academical music. Pat Thomas forms his music on the fundaments of avant-garde jazz – bebop, post bop, hard bop, contemporary and modern jazz styles are brought together with free improvisations, spontaneous solos and the basics of experimental jazz. An improviser has a driving expressive playing manner, inspiring style and unique sound. Dominic Lash is the star of contemporary academical and experimental music scene, and free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, as well. Bassist knows the best way how to combine together the main tendencies of experimental music and academic avant-garde with fresh, bright and evocative ideas of experimental jazz. Tony Orrell’s music is totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Here’s many stylistic allusions to other styles and genres – contemporary academical music, sonoristic experiments, modern jazz styles and other elements. His music is bright, driving and passionate.

All three jazz masters gathered together to improvise in their newest release “BleySchool”. The compositions of this album are based on synthesis of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. Free collective improvisation and open form is used in each composition – all three musicians sensibly correspond to each other’s playing and manage to create an exclusive and interesting sound. They create a difficult and multi-layed structure of the compositions – rich instrumental section filled with evocative ideas, gorgeous ornaments, extended, specific or home-made playing techniques is connected to independent melody line, gorgeous background and dynamic rhythmic section. Original, brand new and creative ways of playing are used together with the main tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music. Piano tunes by Pat Thomas is the key of the compositions – it dictates the main mood, forms a dynamic, bright and sparkling melody line and dynamic variety of moods, expressions and ornaments. Pat Thomas is balancing between free improvisation, contemporary, modern and some elements of traditional jazz. All forms of different jazz styles are brought together – complicated expressive solos are tinged with gentle, elegant, tiny and dizzy passages, bright melodies with dynamic rhythms and series, instant improvising and spontaneous solos. Calm, relaxing and peaceful episodes with soft consonances suddenly meet hysteric, terrific, angry, wild and tremendous riffs blended with sharp chords, aggressive sessions and nervous solos. Wide range of colors, tunes and emotions is expressed here – pianist manages to fuse them together and make an astonishing and dynamic sound. Sometimes his music is pleasant, cool and cosy – it’s related to traditional jazz, cool or any other modern jazz style. When suddenly it gets furious, perturbating, nervous, hysteric or energetic – from monotonous rhythms and slow contemplations pianist bursts in marvelous glissando, dizzy transcendental passages and complicated rhythms. Double bass player Dominic Lash makes a perfeęct combo of free improvisation, arranged composing, basics of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. His music is balancing between different kinds of moods and styles – from strictly composed and innovative contemporary academical music to bright, instant and spontaneous improvisations, that’s how it’s possible to describe Dominic Lash’s music. Silent pauses, deep and heavy ambience, ambient tunes, imitations and alterations, tight and straight bass line, dreamy contemplations which suddenly grow out to active and dynamic solos, expressive melodies tinged with tiny ornaments, dizzy passages and gorgeous timbres – bassist is blending together spontaneous impressive free improvisations and the main tendencies of experimental music and academic avant-garde. Strange timbres, frottings, clappings, wide range of colorful percussion’s elements and rhythms related to various modern and avant-garde jazz styles – that’s the base of rhythmic section masterfully created by Tony Orrell. A drummer demonstrates his masterful virtuosity, creativity and innovative point of view – interesting combos, timbres and expressions are brought together. The music is played in dynamic and expressive mood – breaking sessions, soft gentle pieces, steady beats, impressive riffs, wild culminations, driving solos with complicated rhythms or hysteric rolls are gently brought together. That makes an effort to dynamic, driving and passionate sound.


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