Schiaffini/Pacorig/Maier/Furlan – “4G rate” (Klopotec, 2019)


“4G rate” is a new release of “Klopotec” label. Four great jazz masters recorded this album – it’s Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone), Giorgio Pacorig (Fender Rhodes), Giovanni Maier (double bass) and Gal Furlan (drums). Splendid playing technique, the best sound quality, masterful virtuosity, inventive decisions, inspiring and driving playing manner and expressive style – these are the main compounds of these compositions. The improvisers are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene – they had already developped their own sounds, original playing style and effective playing manner.

“4G rate” has expressive and dynamic sound. Each improviser is getting on brave and dramatic culminations, wild attacks, passionate riffs and radical decisions. They don’t hesitate to make intriguing turns, extended or home-made playing techniques, astonishing sonoristic experiments and inventive ideas. A difficult and multi-layed musical pattern is created – it has a luminous, adventurous and passionate melody line, breaking rhythmic section, gorgeous background and expressive harmony line. Giancarlo Schiaffini is a talented trombone player. All his music is based on free improvisation, sonoristic experiments and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Perturbating riffs, wild culminations, shrieky exclamations, hot growls, explosing thrills, roaring blow outs and strange timbres are the main compounds of his music. An improviser is balancing between different moods and styles. From shrieky bright tunes, wild culminations, passionate riffs, expressive melodies and turbulent sessions the music gets relaxing, soft and solemn. Sometimes it gets dark, abandonned and haunted made by repetitive series and monotonous tunes. The contrasts between solemn and contemplative tunes and perturbating culminations, dramatic riffs and cracking solos are strongly expressed. Trombone is the key of melody line. Fender Rhodes by Giorgio Pacorig brings active and dynamic tunes. Giorgio Pacorig has a remarkable and expressive playing manner. Sharp tunes correspond to impressive riffs, glimpsy flowing glissando, transcendental passages, breaking sessions and passionate solos – it created a vital remarkable and expressive sound. Tremendous culminations to silent pauses, relaxing contemplations rising to wild attacks and dramatic riffs – Giorgio Pacorig’s music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz mixed together with hysteric hard bop, exclaiming and expressive bebop, complicated post bop and other modern jazz styles. Double bass keeps the main bass line – here’s monotonous tunes, repetitive series, sonoristic experiments, strange timbres and minimalistic samples gently brought together. These episodes are connected to glamorous riffs, charming melodies, tremendous stormy culminations, struggling solos and dizzy passages. Giovanni Maier is using his own playing style, brand new conception of avant-garde jazz and masterful virtuosity to make a remarkable and bright sound. A perturbating and bright rhythmic section is created by Gal Furlan. All rhythms of bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool and other modern jazz styles are connected to steady beats, breaking sessions and impressive tremendous improvisations. Gal Furlan succesfully creates an expressive, energetic, dynamic and moving rhythmic section.

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