Satoko Fuji/Tatsuya Yoshida – “Baikamo” (Libra Records, 2019)

cd jacket "Baikamo"

“Baikamo” is a new release recorded by two great stars of experimental jazz’s scene. The collective improvisations of talented and individual jazz masters always are touching, inspiring and filled with innovative ideas. The musicians like to demonstrate their best capacities of improvising, are playing with drive, pleasure and expression. Pianist Satoko Fuji and drummer Tatsuya Yoshida make a great combo together – both improvisers are experimentating on various fields of musical language, have a splendid playing technique and splendid virtuosity. Their music is inspiring, bright and expressive.

“Baikamo” is filled with bright and expressive ideas. Both musicians are experimentating on instrumental, timbral and sonoristic section. All compositions are based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Japan improvisational music, ethnic tunes, ornaments and timbres of all kinds – the musicians are combining together modern innovations, authentic traditions, expressions and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. This huge stylistic variety is made with invention and contrasts – eclectic combos, stylistic allusions and contrasting moods are blended together in subtle and organic way. Piano improvisations by Satoko Fuji are the basics of the melody line. A talented improviser is showing his best capacities of improvising – virtuosity, drive, passion and expression are the main compounds of her playing style. The music is dynamic and changing all the time – from deep silence, abstract relaxing pieces, solemn meditative episodes, minimalistic samples the music gets on expressive melodies, remarkable transcendental passages, light and gentle ornaments, elegant virages or passionate riffs. The independent melodies accompagnied by huge range of ornaments, gorgeous timbres and coloristics are connected to frantic riffs, aggressive and hysteric solos, wild culminations, struggles, full blasts of energy, perturbations and strict sharp sequences of disonances. All these elements are gently combined together and expressed in emotional, vivid and sensible way. Drums section is remarkable and universal – complicated, aggressive, light and gentle, passionate riffs, breaking sessions changed by steady beats, monotonous series or meditative repetitions. Tatsuya Yoshida succesfully combines all these elements together and makes a splendid, vivid and expressive rhythmic section. The melody line is the key of the musical pattern – it’s independent, bright and contrasting. It’s always accompagnied by exclusive and individual rhythmic section. A gorgesou background is based on all kinds of coloristics, timbres and sonoristic experiments. The synthesis of experimental ideas, innovative and extended playing techniques, basics of Western Europe music and traditional Japanese music, as well as free improvisation, pleasant surprises, home-made, specific, weird or original ways of playing are gently fused together and become the fundaments of exclusive and universal instrumental section. Here are many elements swhich are added to the musical pattern and make it more colorful – passages, ornaments, trills, abbreviations, huge range of tempos – from slow to extremely fast, vibrato, glissando, sudden crescendo, risky attacks, struggles and thrills make an effort to gorgeous and expressive sound of this album.

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