Onceim / Peter Ablinger – “NOTES & BLOC​-​NOTES” (Remote Resonator, 2019)

“NOTES & BLOC​-​NOTES” is brand new release of “Remote Resonator”. All music was composed by Peter Ablingher and recorded by “ONCEIM”. It’s a large ensemble which music is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. All the members of this ensemble are the masters of their art – it’s Frédéric Blondy (director), Patricia Bosshard (violin), Cyprien Busolini (viola), Elodie Gaudet (viola), Julia Robert (viola), Félicie Bazelaire (cello), Anaïs Moreau (cello), Deborah Walker (cello), Sébastien Beliah (double bass), Benjamin Duboc (double bass), Xavier Charles (clarinet), Joris Rühl (clarinet), Theo Nabicht (soprano saxophone), Stéphane Rives (soprano saxophone), Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (alto saxophone), Carmen Lefrançois (alto saxophone), Bertrand Denzler (tenor saxophone), Benjamin Dousteyssier (baritone saxophone), Louis Laurain (trumpet), Jean Daufresnes (euphonium), Giani Caserotto (electric guitar), Jean-Sébastien Mariage (electric guitar), Pierre Cussac (accordeon), Alvise Sinivia (piano), Antonin Gerbal (percussion), Hannes Lingens (percussion), Julien Loutelier (percussion), Arnaud Rivière (electronics), Diemo Schwarz (electronics) and all musicians (voices).

“NOTES & BLOC​-​NOTES” is based on evocative ideas, bright explosions, impressive free improvisations and innovative decisions. All music of this album is completely based on free improvisation, experimental jazz and the main basics of academic avant-garde, contemporary academical music, electronics and experimental music. This interesting fusion of fresh, new and exciting contemporary academical music, abstract improvisations and spontaneous solos makes an effort to bright and evocative sound. A wide universal kit of playing techniques is used here – musicians are demonstrating their wide capacities and innovetive point of view. They’re combining together experimental ideas, modern innovations and authentic traditions. Home-made, extended, specific, expressive, rare, exotic or simply peculiar, shocking and radical ways of playing find their proper place in instrumental section. The musicians really don’t hesitate to experiment – here reeds and strings make an excellent combo with radical and extravagant electronics, exotic, rare or weird instrumental combos are made. Along with other instruments and electronics, a great vocalisation is made by exploring new abilities, adding strange timbres, weird tunes, wainings, shrieks, spoken elements, recitations and various modern ideas of vocalisation. The elements of sonoristic, spectral and concrete music are used along with serialism, puantilism, or even some mild tunes of dodecaphony and minimalism – there’s a huge range of composing techniques gently combined together with free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Saxophones make the base of the melody line along with piano, strings, euphonium and guitars. The musicians manage to make a symphony of sounds, timbres and independent melodies by combining them together in one section. Each instrument and its section has his very own style, unique sound and character. Vividness, drive and passion is brought in by expressive saxophones of various kinds. Light passages, buzzing, growling or blowing riffs, full blasts of energy, sonoristic experiments, remarkable melodies and fantastic solos are brought in by saxophones. Shrieky, awakening and evocative ideas along with astonishing experiments and modern decisions are produced by variable strings section here many different instruments are joined together. Aggressive, expressive and vital violin, melancholic, slow, lyrical and meidtative violas, remarkable cellos with enchanting solos and impressive melodies and deep, heavy, dark, sophisticated, abandonned, sometimes even hauted double basses – all these instruments bring dynamic, bright and inspiring sound to the compositions. Expressive, clear and gentle euphonium is the source of vitality, drive and charming melodies. Piano is very important instrument for whole pattern – it keeps driving expressive melody line and forms a modern, vivid and evocative harmonic background. Breaking sessions, wild culminations, abbreviations, trills, transcendental passages, ornaments, sweet gentle solos suddenly turning to frantic riffs, hysteric exclamations or meditative soft pieces. Sharp dissonances are contrasting to soft and sweet consonances and unusual chords – that makes an effort to universal, colorful and modern harmony line. Some heavy riffs, strange timbres, fascinating passages, hysteric solos, sonoristic experiments, abstract subtle pieces or wild free improvisations are created in electric guitars section. An accordion brings exotic, unusual, moody and dynamic sound – it makes an interesting combo with other instruments usually used in academical music. Wide range of percussion instruments illustrates whole musical pattern and background – exotic tunes, eclectic pairs, stylistic allusions, wild culminations – silent pauses, sweet gentle and romantic pieces – frantic and hysteric riffs, colors and timbres of all ranges make the base of universal, enchanting and independent rhythmic section. Computer sounds, synth, drone, ambient, amplifications, glitch and other electronics along with vocals, spoken elements and other voice elements. All music has an inspiring, evocative and dynamic sound.

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