Yankee Zulu – “Kimchi Moccasin Tango” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“Kimchi Moccasin Tango” is a great result of collaboration by “Yankee Zulu” – it’s Karl-Hjalmar Nyberg (tenor saxophone), Karl Bjorå (guitar) and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen (drums and percussion). Extravagant, modern, bright and innovative Scandinavian avant-garde jazz is the main compound of this trio’s music. All three musicians are famous on Scandinavian and international avant-garde jazz scene – they’re collaborating with numerous of other famous and talented jazz stars. The priority is made to eccentric decisions, new original ideas, passionate and driving playing manner and evocative sound.

The newest tendencies and innovations of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz are the basics of “Kimchi Moccasin Tango”. Difficult and multi-layed pattern, polyphonic and independent melody line and dynamic rhythmic section are highly contrasting to each other. Gorgeous musical pattern is made by mixing together all kinds of coloristics, timbres, sonoristic experiments and strange tunes. The musicians don’t hesitate to make drastic changes, radical ideas, provocative, rare, specific or exotic playing techniques. That makes the base of innovative instrumental section – it’s based on universal and wide kit of ways of playing gently brought together with traditional playing techniques and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Frantic aggressive riffs filled with wild perturbations, turbulence, drive and experimental ideas are used everywhere. Saxophone by Karl-Hjalmar Nyberg is a source of hysteric wild riffs, spontaneous solos, dynamic changes and charming passages. Dizzy transcendental passages, gorgeous coloristics of all kinds, bright expressive melodies are the fundamental basics of his music. Saxophonist is experimentating on various fields – he’s searching to new forms, strange timbres, and is trying to create brand new conception of avant-garde jazz. His music is evocative, expressive, full fo innovative ideas, crazy, exotic or driving decisions, inventive and extended playing techniques. An improviser manages to succesfully combine together contrasting and authentic pieces, different moods, expressions and styles. Here wild culminations, perturbating breaking sessions, thrilling attacks, sharp strikes, sudden attacks are passing down to solemn, repetitive, minimalistic and dark pieces. All these elements, despite their differences, are organically brought together in sensible and original way. Electric guitar is a combo of natural authentic tunes of acoustics modified by electronics. Karl Bjorå is the master of this art – the music is completely based on free improvisation, basics of avant-garde jazz and tendencies of contemporary experimental music. Striking riffs, perturbating sessions, heavy quadratic solos, aggressive melodies are filled with strange timbres, in-puts, modified tunes, amplifications and other electronics. The music is changing all the time – sometimes it’s dreamy and relaxing, haunted, dark and heavy, sophisticated and light, or aggressive, hysteric, bursting, expressive, vital and dynamic. It has an interesting and modern sound. Bursting, bright and full of spontaneous changes – that’s how we could call rhythmic section mastered by Dag Erik Knedal Andersen. Typical rhythms of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, sonoristic experiments, strange timbres, wild explosions, steady beats, silent pauses, loud thunders, striking drum rolls, expressive breaking sessions or repetitive series are gently combined together in rich, bright and inspiring rhythmic section.


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