exclusiveOr/AWOL/International Contemporary Ensemble – “MODULES” (Carrier Records, 2019)

“MODULES” is a collective collaboration of three ensembles – it’s “International Contemporary Ensemble” (Peter Evans, trumpet; Nate Wooley, trumpet; Ryan Muncy, saxophones; Weston Olencki, trombone; Ross Karre, percussion), “Architeuthis Walks on Land” (Amy Cimini, viola; Katherine Young, bassoon) and “exclusiveOr” (Jeff Snyder, electronics; Sam Pluta, electronics). All three ensembles are based on famous improvisers who mix up their masterful virtuosity, passion to improvise differently and create something new, drive, creativity and original sonoristic experiments.

The basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz, experimental music and academic avant-garde are combined together in “MODULES”. Along with innovations, traditions, roots of avant-garde jazz, typical or experimental ways of improvising, here come the evocative ideas, inventive point of view, creativity and fascinating sonoristic experiments. Dozens of colors, motions, timbres and sounds are gently combined together. The contrasting pieces are one against the other – evocative and sharp pieces with aeakening riffs and perturbating culminations are connected to impressive, light, transcendental and wild free improvisations. That makes an effort to rich and multi-layed musical pattern, expressive modern musical language and exclusive instrumental section. A great, loud and bright melody line is created by saxophones, bassoon, trumpets and trombones. Vivid, multi-colorful and expressive saxophones is the source of vividness, light and expression. Dynamic expressive melodies are accompagnied by impressive passages, terrific riffs, vivid and light ornaments, special effects, extraordinary ways of playing, eclectic stylistic combos and experimental ideas gently integrated to the musical pattern. These episodes are turning to melancholic, lyrical and meditative pieces played in repetitive and contemplative mood. Another one instrument of reeds – bassoon – has a sweet, cosy and dynamic sound. These two instruments make a great combo – deep, solemn and steady bassoon’s tunes are straightly heading to passionate, sparkling and moving solos. Loud and expressive trumpets are filled with furious thrills, scratchings, hot persecuting growls, perturbating sessions, driving riffs, sharp or strange timbres, special effects and dynamic turns. From wild culminations, full blasts of energy to deep silence, solemn ambience or relaxing and peaceful tunes – the improvisers masterfully combine together all kinds of tunes, motions and timbres. Cracking, deep, monotonous and evocative trombone brings stable bass line, and is the cause of sudden changes and bright contrasts. Meditative, stable and tight pieces get on adventurous culminations, cracking riffs, expressive terrific melodies accompagnied by dizzy glissando, moving thrills, trills or any other playing techniques, abbreviations and ornaments. The trombone is powerful, sparkling and energetic – it’s created with passion, drive and invention. Elegant, gentle, solemn and inspiring viola tunes bring peaceful, sophisticated, tender mood, or – rough, aggressive, hysteric and furious riffs. The rhythmic section always is a mix of colorful timbres, exotic tunes, gorgeous percussion, interesting instrumental combos and all kinds of rhythms and sounds. Here in this album, the rhythmic section is bright, expressive and independent – it brings new colors and tunes to whole album. Electronics are used together with acoustics – glitch, ambient, drone, special effects, strange timbres, computer and synth sounds are only one little part of huge range of electronics used here. The compositions of this album are written for different combos – each composition is individual and inspiring. Free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and fascinating experiments are used almost everywhere – that makes an effort to inspiring, original and innovative sound.

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