Graewe / Reijseger / Hemingway – “Concertgebouw Brugge 2014” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2019)

The collaborations between great jazz masters always are interesting and filled with original decisions, surprises and thrilling changes. “Concertgebouw Brugge 2014” is an excellent example of it – here pianist Georg Graewe, drummer and percussionist Gerry Hemingway, and cellist Ernst Reijseger are improvising together. New fresh ideas, original investigations, researches of strange timbres, sonoristic experiments blended with innovations of avant-garde jazz, driving riffs, pleasant surprises, touching solos and original techniques of composing and improvising – all these elements are organically joined together in their music.

All music of this album is created by all three musicians. Each of them has his own sound and unique style – they’re bringing new colors, interesting shapes and intriguing decisions to the music. Evocative investigations, lyrical contemplations, meditative pieces, steady solos which are contrasting to passionate thrills, roaring wild riffs, luminous culminations, impressive passages, remarkable expressive melodies and breaking sessions – the musicians pass through dozens of different moods, interactions, motions and expressions. Rich and evocative musical language is created. The compositions have a multi-layed and universal musical pattern which is a mix of independent melodies crossing and contrasting with each other, dynamic and wide rhythmic section, gorgeous background constructed from huge range of coloristics, ornaments, textures and timbres. Pianist Georg Graewe keeps the base of the melody line. Sensible, touching and impressive – that’s how we could the melody line basically created by piano and cello duo. These two instruments have absolutely individual melodies and solos – it’s a mix of gravity, deepness, vitality, joyful, driving and passionate playing blended together with solemn, peaceful, calm and extraordinary pieces. Piano is a source of energy, drive and passion. Georg Graewe is experimenting on various cases – he’s using new and innovative ways of playing, frequently get back to the roots of avant-garde jazz or – head on to brand new innovations of experimental jazz. The music is based on wild culminations, rising attacks, terrific riffs, breaking driving sessions, expressive vital melodies accompagnied by transcendental passages and gorgeous timbres. From time to time there comes sweet, murmuring, peaceful, relaxing and slow pieces played in meditative and contemplative mood. The contrasts are everywhere – one mood is changing the other. Vital, joyful, childish, soft and gentle pieces are suddenly changhed by noisy wild riffs, perturbating sessions, hysteric and aggressive solos or furious sequences. Cellist Ernst Reijseger brings more solemn and calm sound with sudden interactions with terrific perturbations, expressive melodies and passionate riffs. Stable bass line played in repetitive and slow mood is created by monotonous rhythms and series. Solemn and deep pieces mixed with gravity, sonoristic experiments, abstract pieces or lyrical contemplations are used here. Here comes hot spills, vibrant strikes, bursting thrills, passionate riffs, breaking sessions and impressive melodies – all these elements become bright and colorful accents of whole musical pattern. Cello brings touching, expressive, thrilling and dynamic sound played with drive, passion and creativity. Steady beats, tight bass line, slow lyrical pieces, typical rhythms of contemporary jazz styles mixed up to hysteric riffs, aggressive series, noisy solos and other elements related to bebop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. All these elements finally head to the culmination – impressive free improvisations accompagniedby bursts fo energy, radiant culminations, perturbating riffs and mix of gorgeous timbres or sonoristic experiments. All that is mastered by Gerry Hemingway – drummer finds the best way how to combine together absolutely different elements and make an astonishing and bright sound.

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