Liquid Quintet – “FLUX” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2019)

Extravagant ideas, intriguing and innovative ideas, bright evocative expressions, drive, inspiring playing manner and the newest innovations of avant-garde jazz are joined together in “FLUXUS”. It’s the newest release of “Liquid Quintet” which is based on Agustí Fernández (piano), Artur Majewski (trumpet), Albert Cirera (soprano and tenor saxophones), Rafal Mazur (electric-acoustic bass) and Ramon Prats (drums). Great stars of international avant-garde jazz scene had gathered together to improvise and experiment on all fields of musical language. Their music is full of fresh evocative ideas, sonoristic experiments, eclectic stylistic fusions, exotic combos, rare tunes and special effects.

The basics of avant-garde jazz fused together with modern and contemporary jazz styles contain the main stylistic base of “FLUXUS”. Free improvisations are filled with wild culminations, spontaneous solos, contrasting pieces gently brought together, impressive riffs and surprises. Each improviser likes to improvise on his own and original way – they’re open to new ideas, exciting innovations and unexpected sudden turns. From simple, bright and expressive mood the music gets frantic, frenzy, terrific, angry, aggressive and thrilling. Sometimes it calms down to silent murmurs, meditative pieces, minimalistic samples, repetitive sessions and lyrical contemplations played in slow, relaxing and abstract mood. Twists, struggles, fascinating riffs, amazing risings, sudden downs, bright contrasts and all kinds of expressions are frequently used here. The textures are frequently changed – vividness, vitality, lightness and passion meet steady beats, rough, tight, solemn, ambient, authentic and specific tunes. All these elements are gently combined together – the musical pattern has an independent melody line, dynamic and suggestive rhythmic section, gorgeous background and impressive instrumental line based on experimental playing techniques and innovations. The melody line has its main accents which make the highest effort to whole sound. Trumpet, piano and various types of saxophones make a great combo. A saxophonist Albert Cirera brings lightness, drive and passion. His music is totally based on free improvisation – independent expressive melodies tinged with transcendental passages and gorgeous ornaments are rising to furious riffs, hysteric perturbations, persecuting sessions, driving and roaring blow outs or – silent, murmuring and soft pieces. All wide palette of colors, textures and expressions is used here to make an exclusive and passionate sound. Bright, waining, growling, cracking, filled with struggles, sudden jumps, shrieky breaking sessions and fantastic experiments – Artur Majewski’s trumpet becomes a source of energy, drive and wild culminations. His music is contrasting and bright – an improviser has an inventive point of view, creativity, the will to create something new and moderate between all kinds of genres, styles and expressions. That finally makes an intriguing and bright sound. Terrific riffs, vital scandalous sessions, remarkable melodies which grow out to frantic culminations and real storm of sounds and timbres – pianist Agustí Fernández is improvising just impressive. His music is based on instant improvising and spontaneous solos – Agustí Fernández joins together calm pieces, sophisticated and dark excerpts, repetitive series, frantic sequences, steady beats tinged with wild culminations, perturbations, persecuting tunes and driving sessions. All three instruments contain the fundaments of musical pattern and melody line – it’s a source of drive, energy and vitality. Bassist Rafal Mazur demonstrates an original conception of his music. It’s based on synthesis of electronics and acoustics, traditions, roots and innovations of avant-garde jazz and sonoristic experiments. Here glitch, ambient, synth tunes, special effects, modifications and alterations, amplifications, in-puts and other electronics are joined together with authentic, natural, warm and gentle tunes, or go on rough, sophisticated, dark and lyrical mood accompagnied by abstractions, ornaments and tight bass line. The music has an inspiring and evocative sound. Turbulent bursts of energy, breaking sessions, booming culminations, nervous complicated rhythms, aggressive beats, steady calm tunes, special effects, strange tunes and experiments are brought together in impressive way to create an astonishign and bright rhythmic section. Ramon Prats is the master of his art – his music is full of investigations, intriguing decisions, vital melodies and evocative ideas.

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