Axel Dörner and Tomaž Grom – “Omejeno gibanje / Confined Movement” (Sploh, 2019)

A trumpeter Axel Dörner is the central figure of American and international avant-garde jazz scene. His music is completely based on the innovations of experimental jazz. An improviser frequently gets back to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and its basics. Bassist, sound artist and improviser Tomaž Grom has an original style, modern playing manner and is a famous jazz master of European avant-garde jazz scene. His music is based on new conception of avant-garde jazz. It’s completely based on improvisation. European avant-garde jazz and its fundaments are combined together to American avant-garde jazz, its traditions and modern innovations. “Omejeno gibanje / Confined Movement” is a great collaboration of these musicians – even though both of them are individual and original jazz masters, they succesfully manage to create an exciting, passionate and innovative sound.

Research of strange timbres, fascinating sonoristic experiments, evocative ideas and extended playing techniques are frequently used compounds of “Omejeno gibanje / Confined Movement”. Both musicians are open to new ideas and inventive decisions – they’re getting on experimental, weird, radical or provocative musical decisions, make rare exotic instrumental pairs or eclectic stylistic combos. The music is completely based on open form and free improvisation – that makes an opportunity to search and create exciting, intriguing and exclusive musical decisions. Spontaneous solos, sudden changes, contrasting pieces, instant improvising and inventive ways of improvising – musicians demonstrate wide variety of techniques and expressions to create a bright and inspiring sound. All music is based on avant-garde jazz – the basics of European and American avant-garde jazz are joined together. Expressive bebop, aggressive thrills, growling riffs, stitching scratching, angry, hysteric or frantic culminations joined together with impressive free improvisations, transcendental passages and gorgeous ornaments – that’s the base of Axel Dorner’s improvisations. The trumpeter is demonstrating his own and original style – wild culminations meet silent pauses, lyrical contemplations or steady peaceful excerpts. Vivid, light and dizzy passages are changed by terrific breaking sessions, angry thrills, hot growls, explosing bursts of energy or grow out to real storm of sounds, timbres and expressions. An improviser surely knows many effective and innovative ways of improvising – he succesfully manages to integrate them to the musical pattern. His music is a source of drive, expression and innovative ideas. Bassist Tomaž Grom is using interesting ideas, synthetic forms and combos of acoustics and electronics to explore and show his new and original conception of music. He’s diving in deep contemplations by exploring new fields of musical language, creating new and exciting expressions, inventive playing techniques and expanding the main abilities of his instrument. Complicated, sophisticated, deep, solemn, dark, depressed and abandonned pieces are contrasting to light, bright and terrific culminations. The improvisations are filled with complicated and difficult musical language, intriguing, exciting, radical, weird, rare or provocative decisions, which bring new, modern and bright sound to the compositions. Both musicians manage to create an innovative and expressive sound.

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