Colin Hinton – “Simulacra” (New Focus Recordings, 2019)

“Simulacra” was recorded by Anna Webber (tenor saxophone, flute, bass flute), Yuma Uesaka (tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, contralto clarinet), Edward Gavitt (electric and acoustic guitars), Shawn Lovato (bass) and Colin Hinton (drums, percussion, glockenspiel, gongs). A group of talented, masterful and experienced jazz masters had joined together to improvise. Their music is filled with animated splashes, dizzy glissando, moving thrills, fascinating riffs, impressive free improvisations, wild culminations, stunning passages and spontaneous changes. The musicians have a new conception of avant-garde jazz and suggestive, dynamic and expressive sound.

Independent melody line, dynamic and wide rhythmic section, gorgeous and expressive background and exclusive instrumental section – that’s the basics of “Simulacra”. The musicians manage to create a multi-layed and bright musical pattern – wide stylistic variety, innovative decisions and extended playing techniques are the main compounds of it. The music is completely based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the fundaments of experimental music. Expressive bebop, extravagant post bop, steady relaxing cool, impressive free improvisations, European, American and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz streams are highly effecting whole sound. Each improviser has his own and original sound – it’s expressive, driving, inspiring and passionate. A fantastic, charming and dynamic melody line is the key of the compositions. Reeds by Anna Webber and Yuma Uesaka is the source of energy and innovative ideas gently integrated to musical pattern. Both improvisers combine together expressive melodies, vital sparkling solos, impressive spontaneous improvisations, sonoristic experiments and special effects. Soft, elegant and sweet flute is meeting emotional, thrilling and driving saxophones, deep and solemn bass flute, dynamic and dark bass and contralto clarinets. All these elements make an excellent combo of different kinds of tunes and millions of timbres. Music is changing and twisting every minute – vivid and expressive, dynamic or rigorous, frantic, angry, hysteric and growling, rough, tight, solemn, peaceful, meditative and abstract. The musical pattern is combined from different textures, colors and moods – all these elements are combined together in delightful, subtle and suggestive way. Certainly, that makes an effort to original, driving and expressive melody line. Electric and acoustic guitars are masterfully brought together. Edward Gavitt is mixing up synthetic tunes, special effects, modified timbres, sonoristic experiments of electric guitar and natural, inspiring, dynamic and thrilling riffs of acoustic guitar. Improviser manages to demonstrate wide and universal abilities of guitars of both types and create a suggestive, emotional, inspiring and original sound. Silent, ambient, dark, abandonned and sophisticated mood is effected by electric guitar – fantastic sonoristic experiments certainly make an effort to it. Gentle soft solos, elegant ornaments, transcendental passages, repetitive rhythmic series growing out to rising riffs, wild culminations and driving solos – that’s the keys of acoustic guitar which also is accompagnied by experimental ideas, inventive decisions and extended playing techniques. Deep, dark and steady bass line is against dynamic solos, impressive culminations, dizzy passages, colorful timbres, strange tunes, sonoristic experiments and contrasting pieces gently brought together – bassist Shawn Lovato surely knows the best way how to combine his own style, innovative point of view, modern conception of improvising and the will to create fresh, exciting and new sound. His music is emotional, expressive and bright. Load rolls, extremely poweful culminations, exotic gongs, exciting, moving and thrilling glockenspiel, gorgeous tunes, wide range of colorful and evocative percussion, frottings, tappings and other sounds which grow to wild culminations or suddenly calm down to meditative minimalistic samples – the drums section is rich, expressive and independent. Colin Hinton is using his creativity, masterful virtuosity and innovative point of view to create a fantastic and suggestive sound.

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