Pierre-Yves Macé – “Rhapsodie sur fond vert” (Brocoli, 2019)

Pierre yves mace rhapsodie sur fond vert

“Rhapsodie sur fond vert” is a great example of contemporary academical and experimental music, academic avant-garde, ambient, fields recordings and other similar genres. The music is evocative, full of fresh ideas, remarkable inventive decisions, original investigations and eclectic stylistic combos. Pierre-Yves Macé is the author of all the compositions. His music is completely based on the basics of contemporary academical music and its newest innovations. Modern ideas, extravagant and original expressions, innovative composing and playing techniques, rare exclusive combos and interesting instrumental section are the main compounds of it. The music is recorded by Cedric Juillon (Alto Clarinet, Bass Flute, Piccolo Flute), Maitane Sebastian, Nicolas Carpentier (Cello), Jeanne Robet (Field Recording), Guenole Keravec (Pipe) and Elsa Balas (Viola).

Electronics, sonoristic experiments, innovations, traditions and wide range of acoustics are brought together. This album is a greta example of putting together absolutely different styles, expressions and instruments. Synth electronics, modern and original sonoristic experiments, various field recordings, sonic system’s experiments and other electronics are gently combined together with natural, colorful and expressive timbres of acoustics. The musicians are paying much attention to sound experiments and inventions on various fields of musical language – especially on instrumental section. Here inventions, integration of original, rare or exotic playing techniques, strange timbres, synth tunes, special effects and extended playign techniques make a great organic combo. Interesting combos, eclectic stylistic pairs and experimentating in every way – the musicians are willing to create an exclusive and fresh sound. The music is dynamic and twisting – it has an independent melody line, bright rhythmic section, colorful background filled with electronics and coloristics of all ranges. Alto clarinet, piccolo and bass flutes keep the base of the melody line. Cedric Juillon is fusing all kinds fo playing techniques and experimental ideas. From sparkling culminations, frantic riffs, vital elegant solos, remarkable and expressive melodies accompagnied by flashing transcendnetal passages, soft glissando and other expressions, the music dives in deep contemplations, abstract pieces, minimalistic samples played in meditative mood, relaxing solemn excerpts with light and inspiring mood or sophisticated solos. One mood is changing another – finally that makes an sparkling and exciting sound. Deep slow tunes of bass flute are against exciting, thrilling, passionate and wild solos of alto saxophone, and shrieky waining or light, passionate and tiny passages of piccolo. This artsy and organic combination is effecting whole sound – an expressive and charming melody line and suggestive sound is created. Pipe’s tunes by Guenole Keravec gently fit together in this combo – it brings interesting, universal and multi-layed variety of styles, tnes and fascinating experiments. Strings section is strong, exciting and evaluating. Deep, sometimes sophisticated and dark, sometimes – passionate, moving and thrilling viola tunes meet two charming and dynamic cellos. Viola player Elsa Balas is experimentating on timbral and sonoristic section – her sound sometimes is abstract, tight, when it gets rough, angry, frantic, shrieking and waining, or calms down to murmuring and relaxing pauses. Frotts, wains, cracks, tight and extremely load timbres, same as special effects and sonoristic experiments are the main coloristics of her music. A cello duo is filled with extaravagant decisions and passionate sound. Here flowing passages, charming expressive melodies, vital thrilling solos, dynamic changes, explosing, roaring, frantic and noisy culminations meet the solemn episodes played in calm, relaxing, lyrical and contemplative mood and stable bass line. That makes an effort to suggestive and multi-colorful sound. Field recordings, sonic system’s experiments, computer and electronics sounds, synth tunes, special effects and other electronics are masterfully moderated by Jeanne Robet. These two contrasting layers – synthetic modern electronics and natural vital acoustics – are gently brought together and make an expressive, bright and inspiring sound.

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