Nate Wooley ‎– “Battle Pieces 4” (Relative Pitch Records, 2019)

“Battle Pieces 4” is a new release of “Relative Pitch Records”. An album was recorded by featured jazz masters – their music is bright, expressive and vital. Trumpeter Nate Wooley, saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and vibraphone player Matt Moran are experimentating and creating new, exciting and thrilling sound. Constructing of new forms, inventions of extraordinary and innovative ways of improvising, integration of strange timbres, fascinating experiments, traditional and modern playing techniques are gently combined together. Innovative ideas, inventive point of view, impressive passages, masterful and exciting playing techniques, fantastic virtuosity effect an interesting and bright sound of their music.

“Battle Pieces 4” has an exciting, driving and bright sound. The fundaments of avant-garde jazz, free improvisational music and innovative experimental jazz are used in each composition. It makes a stable stylistical base of the compositions and create a wide and original variety of styles, expressions, tunes and rhythms. Extravagant modern jazz full of hysteric riffs, expressive complicated rhythms, nervous rhythmic sessions and other typical elements related to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. A fantastic and remarkable melody line is created – it has driving, bright and passionate sound. Here wild culminations pass to relaxing pieces, dreamy lullabies, monotonic meditative samples or rise on adventurous riffs and sparkling solos. Bright energetic trumpet is the source of cracking, growling, thrilling and expressive melodies. Vitality, drive and passion are mixed up to elegant, flowing light passages, ornaments of all kinds and impressive remarkable melodies. Bursts of energy filled with furious blow outs, perturbations, wild culminations and frantic riffs also are frequently heard in these compositions. Vital, vivid and dynamic saxophone’s improvisations are played with passion and expression. Here roaring riffs, hysteric frantic solos illustrated by shrieky tunes, powerful sessions, furious perturbating blow outs and spills of energy are connected to transcendental passages, gorgeous ornaments and sonoristic experiments. Active mood, ambitious playing, monotonic sesions, driving melodies, frantic persecuting sequences and expressive melodies are the main elements of piano music. Its breaking sessions, thrilling riffs, powerful and extremely load culminations, bright passionate solos and fantastic melodies become the main accents of whole melody line. Ingrid Laubrock, Nate Wooley and Sylvie Courvoisier manage to create an astonishing, bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Their melody line is full of contrasts, moods changes, twisting turns, sparkles, exclaiming bursts of energy and independent melodies leading to expressive, suggestive and innovative sound. The musicians also create a wide and dynamic rhythmic section – it’s mostly kept by piano. Typical rhythms, frantic sequences, monotonous beats, simple and modern chords repeated silmunateously, steady beats or hysteric, frantic and aggressive rhythmic sessions are brought together to form a stable and independent rhythmic section gently illustrated by gentle, tiny, light, gorgeous and expressive tunes of vibraphones. Vibraphonist Matt Moran fuses together his own playing style, creativity, virtuosity and inventive decisions to make an inspiring and evocative sound.

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