Masahiko Satoh, Otomo Yoshihide, Roger Turner ‎– “Sea” (Relative Pitch Records, 2019)

“Sea” is recorded by three featured jazz masters – it’s Masahiko Satoh (piano), Otomo Yoshihide (electric guitar, whistle) and Roger Turner (drums, percussion). Drive, passion, expression, innovations and traditions are brought together in their music. All compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations – it’s luminous, bright, filled with inventive decisions and original ideas. All three jazz masters are central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene – the sound of their music is fresh, evocative and bright.

Drive, expression, passion, brightness, vitality and dynamic changes are mixed up together in “Sea”. Each improviser has his own sound and individual improvising style. It’s a mix of traditions and innovations, avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz, Western Europe music, contemporary academical and improvisational music. Musicians have a masterful ability to fuse together contrasting and absolutely different styles – it’s luminous, expressive and driving. A multi-layed, universal and moving musical pattern is created – it’s based on independent melody line, dynamic perturbating rhythmic section and gorgeous background. Piano melodies by Masahiko Satoh are filled with tunes related to traditional Japanese music, Asian music’s harmony, ornamentation and rhythms, and free improvisations, as well. Pianist finds a great balance between ethnic Japanese music and its authentic basics, free improvisation and the fundaments of avant-garde jazz. His music is changing all the time – from sweet, murmuring, silent, solemn and simple pieces it gets annoying, frantic, furious, hysteric, expressive or light, flowing and vivid. Breaking sessions, expressive remarkable melodies, gorgeous glissando, flowing dizzy passages, ornaments and timbres of all ranges accompagnie the compositions all the time. That makes a bright, alive and dynamic improvisations where Asian and European cultures are joined together. Authentic and exotic tunes of traditional Japanese music are frequently used in Otomo Yoshihide’s improvisations. His electric guitar is full of extravagant decisions, sonoristic experiments, innovative, extended and specific playing techniques, inventive, original and impressive ways of improvising. The research of strange timbres, expansion fo technical abilities and the will to go out of the comfort’s zone are the main priorities of Otomo Yoshihide. That’s the reason why his music is bright and evocative, where frantic culminations pass to perturbating sessions, wild riffs or suddenly calm down to ambient, solemn and sophisticated research of strange timbres. The sound gets haunted, dark, depressed and abandonned – these episodes are played in slow tempo and have a meditative lyrical mood. Ornamentation, rhythms and playing techniques related to Asian and Japanese music, are combined together with free improvisation, Western Europe music and its usual ways of playing, exclaiming whistle tunes, same as experimental jazz and other streams of American avant-garde jazz. That makes an enchanting, bright and sparkling sound. Bright exclamations, expressive riffs, breaking booming sessions, passionate glamorous solos, charming dynamic rolls passing to silent pauses, meditative pieces, minimalistic samples and lyrical contemplations. Roger Turner forms his music on the fundaments of free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the newest innovations of experimental jazz – his rhythmic section is enchanting and driving, filled with expression, brightness and sudden changes.


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