Nick Dunston – “Atlantic Extraction” (Out Of Your Head Records, 2019)

“Atlantic Extraction” is a new release filled with experimental ideas, evocative decisions and modern musical language. The music was recorded by Nick Dunston (double bass, vocals (track 15), compositions), Louna Dekker-Vargas (flute, alto flute, piccolo), Ledah Finck (violin, viola), Tal Yahalom (guitar) and Stephen Boegehold (drum set). All musicians are famous figures of avant-garde jazz scene – their masterful virtuosity is mixed up with bright, inspiring and passionate style, driving playing manner and unique sound. The music is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz – it has innovative and expressive sound.

The interesting instrumental combos, fresh and evocative decisions, bright and expressive playing manner and experimental ideas are gently combined together in “Atlantic Extraction”. Independent melody line is created by flutist Louna Dekker-Vargas, guitarist Tal Yahalom and violinist Ledah Finck. A violin is a source of contemporary academical and experimental music. Improviser is getting on dynamic turns – from light passionate solos the music gets down to dark shades, haunted, abandonned, meditative, depressed and dark pieces, luminous culminations or soft pizzicatto. Ledah Finck is mixing shrieky, sharp, active and expressive tunes of violin with dark, stable, deep and calm viola melodies. Here monotonous steady tunes meet cracking, growling, hot and thrilling solos, repetitive minimalistic samples played in slow tempo go against vital, dynamic and remarkable violin melodies accompagnied by flowing ornaments, bright sessions, shrieky low tunes, hysteric riffs and astonishing transcendental passages. That’s the base of this great violin player compositions – it has enchanting, bright and innovative sound and certainly makes a fundament of melody line. Guitar melodies are filled with brightness, vitality and drive. Tal Yahalom is mixing together all kinds of different styles – here various jazz styles and streams are blended together with free improvisation, Western European music and its basics, contemporary academical and experimental music. Dark, steady, deep, repetitive and minimalistic samples are brought together to breaking culminations, terrific stunning riffs, transcendental passages, gorgeous timbres, special effects and sonoristic experiments are brought together in his compositions. Active, energetic and expressive guitar and violin contain the main base of the melody line. More colors and interesting decisions are integrated to the melody line by flutist Louna Dekker-Vargas. An improviser is moderating huge range of sounds, tunes and expressions – here expressive glimpsy melodies are accompagnied by tiny light solos, relaxing pieces, modest, dark and solemn excerpts, elegant and gorgeous piccolo sounds and other elements. The ornaments, passages, textures, glissando and expressions of all kinds are used here to make an organic, bright and luminous sound. Nick Dunston is the author of all the compositions. He’s using wide range of playing and composing techniques – traditional and extended ways of playing are gently combined together. Modern, exciting and innovative musical language is created – improviser demonstrates his own and original sound and way of composing. His double bass is a source of experiments and inventive decisions – sonoristic experiments, special effects, gorgeous ornaments, luminous riffs, repetitive series, steady bass line and other elements of all ranges are combined together. Vocal elements are used in track 15 and bring a huge range of colors and tunes to the compositions. Exclaiming, striking and passionate rhythmic section is created – expressive, driving, impressive solos, glimpsing and touching riffs, breaking sessions, turbulent culminations, wild perturbations are connected to deep, silent, contemplative pieces, minimalistic samples, steady lonely beats and research of strange timbres. Stephen Boegehold manages to combine all these elements together in one place and make an effective and expressive sound.

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