BENEDICT TAYLOR & ANTON MOBIN – “CLOSE ⎢ QUARTERS” (new wave of jazz, 2019)

“CLOSE ⎢ QUARTERS” is a new release recorded by a duo – it’s a great collaboration of Benedict Taylor (viola) and Anton Mobin (prepared chamber). A talented violist Benedict Taylor fuses traditional, evocative and extended playing techniques in his music. All the compositions are usually based on free improvisational music and avant-garde jazz. Anton Mobin is a famous soud artist and improviser. His music is a great authentic fusion of electronics, special effects, modern playing techniques, strange timbres and sonoristic experiments. Both musicians got together to improvise – their improvisations have inspiring, bright and passionate sound.

Acoustics and electronics are gently and organically brought together in “CLOSE ⎢ QUARTERS”. Both musicians are the masters of their art – expression, drive, passion, inventive ideas and creativity are the main compounds. Variations, huge stylistic variety, eclectic combos, exotic tunes, special effects and traditional ways of playing are frequently used. That makes a colorful, multi-layed and universal musical pattern. Extended playing techniques, sonoristic experiments, special effects and expansion of technical abilities creates a bright, luminous and innovative instrumental section. Expansion of technical abilities and going out of the traditional sound comfort’s zone are the main priorities of violist Benedict Taylor’s music. Viola player is moderating huge range of colors, tunes, expressions and playing techniques – all wide range of emotions is expressed in his music. From silent, solemn, ambient, sophisticated, deep, cold and dark it gets striking, sparkling, active and passionate. Sudden attacks directly grow to glamorous solso, remarkable expressive melodies, animated flowing glissando, gorgeous ornaments, impressive free improvisations and spontaneous solos. Free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz are mixed up to evocative and awakening contemporary academical music. An improviser is experimenting on timbral and sonoristic section – strange, tiny, tight, waining, cracking, scratching and original tunes of all ranges are extracted. That makes a colorful, universal and multi-layed pattern, ornamented texture and impressive sound. Anton Mobin’s improvisations are the combos of all kinds of sounds, electronics and special effects. Cold, depressed and abandonned mood is created by using repetitive series, static tunes and minimalistic samples. Recordings, computer sounds, synth tunes and special effects make a depressive, heavy, cold, sometimes – peaceful, silent and relaxing sound. These elements are highly contrasting to light, tiny and expressive pieces. The music gets more alive, dynamic and bright. A huge mix of all kinds of electronics, special effects and computer devices effect an innovative and exclusive sound. The music of this album has a bright, extravagant and interesting sound.

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