John Dikeman,Alexander Hawkins,Roger Turner,Luís Vicente, Hugo Antunes – “Corda Bamba” (JACC Records, 2019)

John Dikeman (tenor saxophone), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Roger Turner (drums), Luís Vicente (trumpet) and Hugo Antunes (contrabass) had gathered together to improvise in “Corda Bamba”. The music played by these featured jazz masters always is exciting, driving and passionate. Masterful virtuosity mixed up with unique sound, expressive and modern playing manner, moving and inspiring style finally makes an effort to original and exclusive sound. The improvisers mix up the traditions and the roots of avant-garde jazz to extravagant bebop, modern post bop, steady cool, other cotemporary jazz styles, same as contemporary academical music and ethnic music of some world countries. That finally makes an effort to bright, universal and organic sound.

“Corda Bamba” is filled with expressive, driving and wild free improvisations. A bright, contrasting and remarkable melody line is created. Its basics are formed by piano, saxophone and trumpet solos. Saxophonist John Dikeman brings joy, passion and lightness to the compositions. His saxophone’s improvisations are filled with vivid solos, fascinating passages, expressive flowing melodies, dizzy passages and gorgeous coloristics. Saxophonist is experimenting on instrumental and timbral section – that’s why his music is full of strange timbres, special effects, original coloristics, experimental playing techniques and innovations. Instant improvising, spontaneous solos and passionate melodies are contrasting to thrilling, furious, crazy, wild, hysteric or angry riffs, terrific blow outs and moving trills. Vivid, light and bright saxophone is mixed up to loud, burning and shrieky trumpet. A great trumpet player Luis Vicente is mixing together his own and original improvising style, rhythms, ornamentations and authentic melodies of ethnic Portugal music and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Hot bursts, full blasts of energy, blowing and terryfying blow outs, sharp hysteric thrills, striking attacks, wild culminations, aggressive perturbating sessions – these are the main elements of his improvisations. Even though an active expressive mood is leading everywhere, an improviser also demonstrates the other side of his music – silent, lyrical, gentle, soft or even dreamy, dark and sophisticated. Here murmurs, soft tunes, gentle and light solos played in slow or mid-slow tempo, make a contemplative and solemn sound. These episodes of two absolutely different types are highly contrasting with the others and finally make a driving, expressive, bright and innovative sound. Trumpet is the source of energy, life, expression and joy – it dictates the main mood of the melody line also. More energy, brightness and innovations are brought in by Alexander Hawkins. His piano melodies are simply exciting and impressive, as usual. Pianist is using all kinds of playing techniques – he’s mixing up together extended playing techniques related to contemporary academical music, his own, experimental, radical and specific ways of playing. Bright, vivid and fantastic melodies, flowing dizzy passages, light enchanting solos, virtuosic tiny ornaments, colorful timbres which grow out to terrific riffs, perturbating sessions, repetitive sequences and powerful culminations. All these elements create an enchanting and expressive sound. Deep, heavy and steady bass line by contrabass meets with striking riffs, remakable melodies, vivid riffs or vibrant culminations. All these elements form a steady bass line, tight harmonic basement and dynamic rhythmic section. Hugo Antunes has an innovative and expressive way of playing and creates a bright, modern and exciting sound. Roger Turner’s drums section is the key of the rhythmic section. Nervous complicated bebop, aggressive furious hard bop, steady cool or extravagant modern post bop finally grow out to fascinating culminations, impressive improvisations, spontaneous solos and immediate responses to the other musicians playing. The rhythmic section is independent, sparkling and enchanting – it gently fits together to expressive, emotional and simply fantastic melody line. All music of this album is made with passion, drive and expression.

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