Perelman, Shipp, Parker, Kapp – “Ineffable Joy” (ESP Disk, 2019)

“Ineffable Joy” is the newest collaboration of four great jazz masters – Ivo Perelman (tenor saxophone), Matthew Shipp (piano), William Parker (bass) and Bobby Kapp (drums). These featured improvisers are the central figures of internationbal avant-garde jazz scene. Their improvisations always are filled with joy, passion, inventions and astonishing experiments. Thinking outside the box, integration of innovative and original ideas, expansion of technical abilities and original decisions are the main compounds of their music. All that finally makes an effort to original and expressive sound of whole music.

“Ineffable Joy” is completely based on free improvisations and the fundaments of avant-garde jazz. The musicians are integrating modern innovations, original expressions and evocative decisions and return to authentic and typical basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. This original and natural synthesis of wide range of elements makes an exciting, bright and expressive sound. Bright independent melody line, dynamic explosing rhythmic section, gorgeous colorful background with coloristics, timbres, sounds and special effects of all ranges are the main elements of the musical pattern. Open form and free improvisations are used everywhere – that makes an opportunity to wild, evocative, moody and exciting free improvisations and fascinating sonoristic experiments. The compositions are based on wide stylistic variety – the basics of experimental and avant-garde jazz are fused together with extravagant bebop, aggressive hard bop, modern and complicated post bop and other contemporary jazz styles. The musicians are experimenting on various fields of musical language – it mostly touches the instrumental section which is a mix of original, extended, radical, weird, home-made and innovative playing techniques. Excitement, drive, engaging and catching style, inspiring and expressive playing manner, dynamic changes and strong contrasts also make an effort to original and exclusive sound. Tenor saxophone by Ivo Perelman is moving and exciting. Improviser is demonstrating the best capacities of improvising, his invention and virtuosity. Especially expressive playing manner, energy, drive and instant improvising turn the compositions into moody, dynamic and expressive improvisations. Here relaxing pieces, murmuring and soft solos, meditative pieces or lyrical contemplations are changed by shrieky riffs, hollowing terrific solos, sudden attacks and wild culminations, Remarkable passionate melodies are always accompagnied by ornaments, flowing passages and coloristics of all ranges. Driving riffs, powerful blow outs, hot thrills, bursting explosions and hysteric solos also are very important elements of the musical pattern. Piano melodies by Matthew Shipp are filled with virtuosic ornaments, expressive and enchanting melodies, joyful charming riffs, flowing passages, frantic hysteric sequences, repetitive series and breaking sessions. All these elements joined together turn the compositions to real storms of sounds accompagnied by wild culminations, powerful blasts, terrific riffs and enchanting melodies. Matthew Shipp really knows the way how to combine all kinds of different elements and genres and create an impressive sound. Piano and saxophone duo makes the base of melody line. It’s – enchanting, bright, remarkable and simply impressive. More subtility, solemn and relaxing tunes are brought in by bass. Repetitive series form a stable bass line, steady tunes are the basics of modern and evocative harmonic basement. These pieces written in solemn, peaceful, sophisticated, minimalistic or meditative mood meet absolutely different ones – touching risings, breaking sessions, trembling inspiring solos, expressive melodies illustrated by thrills, pizzicatto, glissando, strange timbres, textures and ornaments. William Parker passes through different moods and expressions – his music has a dynamic and emotional sound. Drums section by Bobby Kapp is a mix of all kinds of rhythms. Here expressive and complicated rhythms are changed by steady beats and monotonic series. Silent pauses are going straight to passionate breaking sessions, perturbating culminations or vibrant riffs. Sonoristic experiments, gorgeous tunes and special effects are frequently used here. All musicians are demonstrating their wide musical knownledge, the best virtuosity, fantastic, suggestive and inspiring ways of playing, their very own way of improvising mixed up with drive, expression and creativity. All that brings an exclusive and modern sound to this album.

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