Fun Art Music (Peter Kunsek, Jan Roder, Uli Soyka & Uli Rennert) – “The Royal Garden Sessions” (Apartment 42 Productions, 2019)

Pentaquarks (feat. Peter Kunsek, Jan Roder & Uli Soyka)

“Fun Art Music” is an ensemble which creates a bright, evocative and exciting new music and avant-garde jazz. All musicians are central and famous figures of avant-garde jazz and free improvisational music scene – it’s Peter Kunsek (clarinets), Jan Roder (double bass), Uli Soyka (drums & toys) and Uli Rennert (prepared piano & synthesizer). Musicians had been improvising together as a quartet many times, same as in various combos with other famous jazz masters. Their music is based on free improvisation, American and European avant-garde jazz and its modern streams. Even though the music is full with evocative ideas, drastic turns, radical decisions and innovations, the musicians frequently go back to the main basics of the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and fundaments of free improvisational music. That finally makes an effort to original, sparkling and bright sound.

“The Royal Garden Sessions” is the newest release of “Fun Art Music” ensemble. It’s a great pleasure to hear out exciting and bright music played by these four great jazz masters. All music is mostly played in active and dynamic mood – it’s highly contrasting to subtle, solemn, peaceful and meditative pieces. The musicians manage to create a multi-colorful, universal and modern musical pattern. It’s made by different patterns, textures, layers and independent melodies highly contrasting to the others. Bright and remarkable melody line is filled with excitement, passion and full blasts of energy. Here, same as in the other sections, musicians are getting on brave, ambitious and innovative experiments – strange timbres, special effects, fascinating sonoristic experiments and expansion of technical instrumental abilities are the main elements of it. That’s how innovative and experimental instrumental section is created. Bright, passionate and active mood is brought in by clarinet tunes. Peter Kunsek is a great clarinet virtuoso and improviser – his music is a full blast of energy, an authentic mix of traditions and innovations gorgeously illustrated by all kinds of ornaments, textures, timbres and coloristics. From silent pauses to hollowing culminations, lyrical contemplations to sparkling blasts, terrific blowing riffs or perturbating sessions. All these elements also are frequently accompagnied by flowing passages, gorgeous ornaments and special effects. The key elements, of course, are the melodies – expressive, moving, thrilling, sparkling, sometimes furious, hysteric, cracking, waining and aggressive, but it never stays on one mood for too long. Uli Rennert’s piano melodies are moving, bright and explosing. It’s real blast of energy – breaking sessions, frantic sequences which grow out to powerful storms of sounds, moving riffs, impressive solos, dizzy transcendental passages or expressive melodies. All that makes an effort to original and bright sound.  The music has an inspiring and passionate sound. Jan Roder is a great bassist – he’s mixing together subtle, colorful, bright, sparkling and weird tunes, repetitive series, breaking sessions, wild culminations or murmuring, sweet or contemplative pieces. All his music has an effective, vital and dynamic sound. Uli Soyka’s drums section is multi-colorful and universal – all kinds of emotions, tunes, timbres and rhythms are combined together. Furious spills, passionate thrills, striking culminations, sudden attacks, breaking sessions which pass to silent pauses, steady beats, minimalistic samples and relaxing pieces. The music has simply gorgeous, impressive and modern sound.


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