The Clinamen – “Swervitude” (Zoar Records, 2019)

The Clinamen | Swervitude (feat. Elliott Sharp, Mark Sanders & John Edwards)

A trio “The Clinamen” has expressive, bright and moving sound. An ensemble is based on three featured figures of avant-garde jazz scene – it’s bassist John Edwards, guitarist Elliott Sharp and drummer Mark Sanders. All music of the trio is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The musicians don’t avoid to make brave, ambitious, original, evocative, weird, shocking or simply surprising ways of playing. The music always is a mix of colors, sounds, modern innovations, authentic traditions and dynamic turns.

The newest release “Swervitude” is a great collaboration between these three jazz masters. It’s also another great opportunity to hear out these improviser playing and experimenting together. All album has an expressive, vital, dynamic and modern sound. The musicians are demonstrating their own and huge capacities of improvising – experimental ideas, fascinating sonoristic experiments, gorgeous background and instant improvising are the main elements of it. The improvisers are demonstrating a telephatic collaboration between all three of them – immediate responses, spontaneous solos, wild culminations, sudden attacks moving to calm and relaxing pauses create an universal and bright sound of the album. The compositions have a difficult and multi-colorful sound – polyphonic melodies, dynamic rhythmic, gorgeous background, passionate and luminous expression and innovative instrumental section are the main elements of it. Elliott Sharp is creating an original and bright melody line. The modern innovations of contemporary academical and experimental music, free improvisational music, rock and avant-rock attributes and the main basics of experimental jazz are mixed up together in his improvisations. Guitarist is blending together huge range of sounds and colors – the music is full of awakening culminations, terryfying riffs which suddenly pass down to peaceful, subtle, calm and gentle episodes. Expressive remarkable melodies are accompagnied by glamorous solos, flowing passages, gorgeous ornaments and astonishing sonoristic experiments. Improviser is thinking outside the box – his music is bright, enchanting, exciting and dynamic. Bassist John Edwards bases his music on the fundaments of avant-garde jazz – wild free improvisations filled with striking exciting culminations, gorgeous passionate riffs, trembling thrills, moving trills and all kinds of experiments gently integrated to the musical pattern. Improviser masterfully combined together experimental, specific and classical ways of playing – it makes an effort to original, bright, dynamic and impressive bass improvisations. A fantastic rhythmic section is created by Mark Sanders. Terrific rolls, dramatic culminations, passionate and luminous solos, tremendous riffs, breaking sessions or – steady beats, soft murmurs, gorgeous timbres and repetitive series – all kinds of rhythms and sounds are gently joined together and create a multiple, bright and enchanting sound.


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