Dans les Arbres – “Volatil” (Sofa Music, 2019)


“Volatil” is the fourth album recorded by an ensemble “Dans les arbres”. This ensemble creates an experimental and free improvisational music which has awakening, bright and original sound. Sound experiments, fusion of sounds and tunes of all ranges, eclectic combos of contrasting pieces gently brought together – that’s the main base of their compositions. “Dans les arbres” is based on group of professional and talented musicians – it’s Xavier Charles (clarinet), Ivar Grydeland (guitar), Christian Wallumrød (piano) and Ingar Zach (percussion).

“Volatil” is is unedited live performance of “Danss les arbres”. It’s the first release which isn’t recorded in a studio or on location – all the compositions were recorded at Teatro San Leonardo in Bologna. “Volatil” is a perfect occassion to demonstrate huge capacities, virtuosity and wide musical knownledge of each member. The compositions are based on open form and free improvisation. The musicians are playing together and mixing up the sounds, tunes, textures and coloristics of all ranges. The music has a suggestive, expressive and inspiring sound. All music is based on experimental music and its basics. Free improvisation also is the main compound of each composition. It gives an opportunity to the improvisers to explore, research and create new, evocative and exciting sound. Sound experiments, special effects, imitations of nature sounds, engaging ideas and original decisions are everywhere in these compositions. The musicians are putting together different groups of instruments. Here comes soft, gloomy, moody, sometimes – vital or absorbent sound which meets calling, attacking and extending tunes. The nature and its elements is very widely used in these compositions. Musicians are using and imitating various sounds of nature – falling drops, tweets of the birds,  ratchets and cracks of trees, murmurs of the water, snaps, pushes are just only little part of huge range of activites and tunes which are usually heard at nature. The musicians make sensible, authentic and organic mix of sounds, tunes and expressions. That finally makes impressive and original mix of beauty and passion. Clarinetist Xavier Charles is mixing wide range of timbres and sounds – his music dives in silent pauses, lyrical pieces, dreamy lullabies or gets on sudden and alarming attacks. Expressive and active mood is created by using huge range of blow outs, cracking, swirling, waining, explosing and thrilling riffs which pass to soft murmurs, sweet light solos or contemplative samples. Sometimes the sound gets gloomy, absorbent and steady, sometimes – yelling, attacking and hysteric. Energy, passion, inventive ideas and expression meet at guitar improvisations by Ivar Grydeland. The music is constructed from many layers – gorgeous textures, independent melodies mixed up together with strange, ambient, solemn, brght, yelling, luminous or simply weird tunes. Guitarist is paying much attention to sonoristic experiments – that’s why the music is so full of colors, timbres and textures of all ranges and patterns. That makes an effective, meditative and innovative sound. Pianist Christian Wallumrød is moderating huge range of playing techniques and expressions – his music moves from minimalistic samples, ascetic, dark and depressed pieces to sparkling culminations, subtle solos, glamorous passages, remarkable melodies or monotonic sequences. All these elements make an effort to original and interesting mix of different shapes, sounds and tunes. Gorgeous timbres, striking thrills, wild culminations, colorful melodies, illustrative passages, frottings, tappings, special effects and rhythms of all kinds are mixed together in Ingar Zach’s percussion. That finally creates simply impressive and organic rhythmic section. The music of this album is a result of great collaboration and combination of different styles, expressions and genres. Free improvisational and experimental music is blended together with Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz, the main tendencies of contemporary academical music, huge capacities of improvising, innovations and modern decisions in every way.

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