Front cover of the album WHAT IF?

The collaborations and projects of featured jazz masters always are exciting and interesting. Different playing techniques, individual styles, innovative point of view and driving playing manner are the main elements which are joined together. “WHAT IF?” is an example of great collective improvisation of pianist Matthew Shipp and trumpeter Nate Wooley. There’s no need to say, that the musicians are featured and centgral figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. Collaborations, projects and concerts with other famous improvisers is the main part of their activities. Musicians are using risky and adventurous decisions, fresh evocative ideas, fascinating sonoristic experiments and extended playing techniques to create an exclusive sound.

Creativity, drive, expression, risk and adventures make a great combo in “WHAT IF?”. Both improvisers are creating and exploring new fields of sound zone. They’re expanding the technical abilities of instruments, experimenting on various cases of musical language and integrate radical, expressive, modern and provocative decisions. Sound experiments, research of strange tunes and the will to get out of traditional sound’s zone are the main priorities of the musicians. An experimental, specific, home-made, weird, innovative and extended playing techniques, suggestive and original ways of improvising, special effects and ornaments of all ranges contain a multi-layed, bright and modern instrumental section. Surprises, contrasts, breaking sessions and booming awakening culminations are the main compounds of independent and expressive melody line. The melody line is kept by both musicians – all kinds of colors, tunes and expressions are brought into the musical pattern. All music is completely based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The newest innovations, modern decisions and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz make a great combo. Expressive, sharp, complicated and aggressive rhythms and improvisations also have the relations to bebop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. Pianist Matthew Shipp is creating a polyphonic and enchanting sound. His improvisations are made at the instant – spontaneous solos, surprises, dynamic turns and expressions are the main compounds of it. Remarkable terrific melodies meet tremendous wild culminations, breaking sessions, aggressive perturbating sequences, sharp tunes, furious riffs, hysteric frantic solos, flowing transcendental passages, virtuosic glamorous ornaments and booming explosions of energy. Pianist is improvising with passion and pleasure – his improvisations bring drive, expression, wildness and emotions of all ranges to the compositions. Hot growls, urgling solos, bursting thrills which pass to passionate melodies, glamorous riffs, vital and extremely fast passages or bursting full blasts – trumpeter Nate Wooley succesfully melts all these elements in one fusion. His music is dynamic, bright and contrasting – it’s filled with drive, creativity, passion and astonishing sonoristic experiments.

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