Tomeka Reid Quartet – “Old New” (Cuneiform Records, 2019)

“Old New” was recorded by “Tomeka Reid Quartet”. It’s an ensemble formed by four great jazz masters of American avant-garde jazz scene – here Tomeka Reid (cello), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jason Roebke (bass) and Tomas Fujiwara (drums). Expression, drive, evocative ideas, attention to original sonoristic experiments, expansion of technical abilities and innovative point of view – that’s the main compounds of these improvisers music. The improvisers are the central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene – their invention, original ideas, suggestive and very own improvising style make a reason for it. The music of all four improvisers is always completely based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation combined together with rock, avant rock, modern jazz styles and some intonations of contemporary academical music.

Expression and drive accompagnie wild free improvisations, striking riffs and passionate melodies of “Old New”. All music is completely based on the fondaments of American avant-garde jazz. Its innovations, fascinating experiments and inventive ideas are connected to traditions and the main roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and music of its pioneers. The music is played in active, bright and vital mood. Dynamic changes, sudden turns, bright contrasts, all kinds of ornaments, timbres and sounds contain moody and remarkable musical background. Musicians moderate huge range of experimental, specific, weird and innovative ways of playing, emotional bright expressions and sonoristic experiments to create a fascinating instrumental section. A great and independent melody line is created – a duo of Tomeka Reid and Mary Halvorson is the centre of it. Tomeka Reid’s cello improvisations are dynamic, virtuosic and expressive. Improviser is getting on sudden changes, connecting different contrasting episodes and doesn’t avoid ambitious, evocative or simply weird musical decisions. Lyrical contemplations meet jumping turns, rough aggressive riffs, roaring vibrant culminations, sharp tunes, strange timbres and sonoristic experiments gently integrated to the musical pattern. An improviser likes  to create something new and exciting – her music is filled with joy, passion, inventive decisions and experimental ideas. Remarkable melodies, dizzy passages, terrific riffs and wild powerful culminations are the main accents of it – that makes an expressive, energetic and dynamic sound. Mary Halvorson’s guitar is a mix of fondaments of avant-garde jazz and some elements of rock and contemporary academical music. An improviser finds an artsy and organic combo of all these elements – wide stylistic variety is created. Animated bright free improvisations, immediate responses, spontaneous terrific solos, heavy riffs, steady monotonic beats, gorgeosu timbres, dizzy passages, colorful virtuosic ornaments, powerful culminations which passe to silent pauses, meditative pieces or relaxing samples. Guitar is the source of colors and the key of the melody line. It has a remarkable, vivid and touching sound. Deep, solemn and tight bass line comes across the furious sharp riffs, luminous sessions, breaking series, wild culminations and expressive melodies accompagnied by transcendental impressive passages – that’s the base of Jason Roebke bass music. An improviser adds strange timbres, sonoristic experiments and extended playing techniques of all ranges to create an universal, bright and modern sound. Free improvisations are played with passionate and suggestive playing manner, inspiring and evocative style – that makes an effort to original and colorful sound. Tomas Fujiwara’s drums section is totally based on free improvisation. Here we have a mix of all kinds of dynamic, sparkling, bursting and expressive rhythmic sessions growing out to breaking sessions, driving culminations which suddenly calm down to meditative pieces, minimalistic samples kept by repetitive series and monotonic steady beats, gorgeous timbres and strange tunes, as well. The music has a bright, colorful, moody and expressive sound.

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