Tyshawn Sorey/Marilyn Crispell – “The Adornment of Time” (PI Recordings, 2019)

“The Adornment of Time” has bright, interesting and extraordinary sound. All music was recorded by a duo – Tyshawn Sorey (drums, percussion) and Marilyn Crispell (piano). It’s a pleasure to hear out these two musicians improvising together. Both of them have an original and effective playing manner, modern stylistic, unique sound and innovative point of view. The musicians are thinking outside the box – they’re always dedicated to create new, exciting and thrilling sound. The traditions of avant-garde jazz, roots of 1960’s jazz, main elements of modern jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz, free improvisation, experimental and contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde – this huge stylistic variety is made. The musicians don’t hesitate to make original, provocative, wild, crazy or even shocking musical decisions, fascinating experiments or expand the traditional zone of sound – that’s the reason why their music has an evocative and original sound.

“The Adornment of Time” has a polyphonic musical pattern based on rich musical language, exclusive instrumentation and modern decisions. Both musicians are blending together various styles. Contemporary academical music, experimental playing techniques, special effects, sonoristic experiments and other similar styles are gently brought together in open form and free improvisation. The main basics of experimental and avant-garde jazz are used here – musicians are balancing between extravagant, organic, bright, inspiring and original ways of playing. Some of them are classical and very well-known, some – shocking, provocative, innovative and crazy. The music never gets boring with so many expressions, inspiring and expressive melodies, gorgeous ornaments and huge kit of ways of playing. Pianist Marilyn Crispell is fusing together her own style and unique sound. She already has her very own and original style of improvising. It’s based on strong emotions, crossing independent melody lines, sudden mood’s changes, expressive riffs and innovations. The stylistic waves are frequently made – that makes an effective, emotional and dynamic sound. From silent relaxing pauses, light gentle excerpts, dreamy romantic lullabies or ascetic minimalistic pieces music goes wild and crazy. Sharp aggressive riffs, expressive thrilling melodies, brilliant flowing passages, remarkable solos and spontaneous changes demonstrate the other side of these improvisations and the best capacities of pianist’s improvising and playing. These episodes are played in active and dynamic mood always are accompagnied by frantic sessions, wild turbulent sequences, sharp tunes and sonoristic experiments. All that finally makes an effort to impressive and inspiring sound. Drummer Tyshawn Sorey is another excellent improviser. His music is totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Huge amount of expressions, timbres, tunes and rhythms is made. That brings new colors and helps to create an universal pattern. His drums improvisations are very dynamic and contrasting – mostly his music is made spontaneously. Incredible riffs, steady beats, slow heavy boomings or light monotonic tappings at the instant grow to vibrant culminations, breaking sessions and driving improvisations. Research of strange timbres, original tunes and expansion of technical abilities are the main priorities of both improvisers. The music has expressive, innovative and driving sound.


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