Raphael Malfliet Large Ensemble – “LE10 18​-​05” (Ruweh Records, 2019)

“LE10 18​-​05” was recorded by “Raphael Malfliet Large Ensemble”. It’s an ensemble which music is completely based on free improvisation and experimental jazz. All the members of this ensemble are real experimentators who manage to create an artsy organic mix of contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz. They’re trying to expand the main abilities of their instruments, go out of the comfort’s zone of sound, construct new forms and create a new and extraordinary improvisational music. Their masterful virtuosity, wild imaginations, a seek of original, radical and provocative decisions and wide musical knownledge certainly helps them to do so. The musicians are famous and active members of contemporary improvisational music’s scene, they had been improvising together with other famous jazz masters. Here in this album large group of jazz masters is improvising together – it’s Raphael Malfliet (electric bass & compositions), Karin De Fleyt (flutes), Leonhard Huhn (clarinets & alta saxophone), Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Frantz Loriot (viola), Cécile Broché (violin), Elena Kakaliagou (horn), Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone), Carlo Costa (drums & percussion) and Toma Gouband (percussion).

The variety of styles and genres is created in “LE10 18​-​05” compositions. The music is a mix of the main basics of contemporary academical music, fondaments of experimental music and academic avant-garde, as well as the main elements of free improvisation, experimental and avant-garde jazz. An universal balance between spontaneous avant-garde jazz, innovative experimental music and evocative contemporary academical music is created by using wide range of techniques. The musicians are the masters of their art. Their independent melodies are highly contrasting to each other, but also contain a colorful, modern and inspiring pattern of the compositions. Crossing, thrilling, inspiring and dynamic solos are against abstract, depressive, dark, monotonic or minimalistic pieces. Experimental ways of playing, extended, modern and evocative playing techniques, special effects and sonoristic experiments are the main basics of the instrumental section. Different instrumental sections are illustrative, expressive and have their own leading positions in the musical pattern. Reeds section is formed by flutes, clarinets and alto saxophone. Expressive vital saxophone, vivid emotional clarinets are the sources of energy and awakening sound. The improviser is getting on striking riffs, passionate impressive culminations, vibrant culminations, wild bursts of energy and transcendental dizzy passages. All kinds of strange, colorful and illustrative timbres are integrated to the musical pattern. These episodes meet calm, lyrical, silent and contemplative pieces, meditative minimalistic samples or abstract free improvisations. Soft gentle flutes have many functions. Sometimes it gives more variety of tunes and timbres to the melody line – shrieky frantic solos, sharp hysteric riffs and breaking sessions are frequently used in the musical pattern. There’s many coloristics created by flutes – deep, monotonic, longly-repeated series, strange tunes, weird timbres and sonoristic experiments are used as the coloristics. All these elements make an effort to active, interesting and contrasting reeds section. Brass section is loud and powerful – trombone and horm are the keys of it. Here these two instruments make a great combo – both musicians are playing with drive, energy and affection. Tremendous cracking solos are the central elements of it. It gently meets together with solid expressive melodies, heavy solemn solos, immediate responses and sparkling riffs. Sonoristic experiments, research of strange timbres, special effects and expansion of technical abilities make an effort to innovative and extraordinary sound. Brass section brings light, energy, vividness and drive to the compositions. The strings section is pretty large – it’s contained of violin, viola, cello and electric bass. The strings always create a strong relation with contemporary academical and experimental music. That’s exactly the same thing which happens here – musicians are using innovative, evocative, original or home-made ways of playing highly related to contemporary academical music or created on their own. Dramatic culminations, shrieky low tunes, frantic hysteric solos, complicated awakening pieces, expressive melodies, sudden turns, contrasting episodes accompagnied by soft pizzicatto, remarkable glissando, flowing ornaments and moving trills. The music has a touching, inspiring and impressive sound. Drums and percussion keep the base of rhythmic section. It’s independent and bright highly corresponding to impressive melody line. All kinds of rhythms, timbres, playing techniques and moods are used to make a colorful, bright, moody and simply amazing sound. The music of this album has a modern, inspiring and evocative sound.

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