Tobias Meier, Silvan Jeger – “Cold Voodoo” (*thrghsttsfmttr, 2019)

“Cold Voodoo” was recorded by Silvan Jeger (kontrabass) and Tobias Meier (saxophone). The musicians had been playing together many times before this collaboration – they always search to something new, fresh and exciting. Both improvisers are famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene. They are making an effort to find new, creative, exciting and exclusive way of improvising. That’s why their music is a mix of creative, provocative, radical, weird or shocking musical decisions gently combined together with traditions, innovative playing techniques and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Modern expressions, emotional and suggestive playing style, innovative and extended playing techniques all together with traditional and classical ways of playing – that’s the base of the music created by these improvisers.

The music of “Cold Voodoo” is expressive, vital and dynamic. An interesting and eclectic stylistic combos are made. The musicians are experimenting on various cases of musical language – that’s especially related to stylistic combos, rhythmic, timbral and melody line. The basics of avant-garde jazz contain the main base of album compositions. Free improvisation, spontaneous solos, impressive immediate responses, traditional, classical and very well-known ways of improvising gently combined together with innovative experiments, special effects, specific, evocative, radical or provocative ways of playing – that’s the keys of the compositions musical language. Improvisers are combining together these elements with other music styles – exotic, eclectic and simply original stylistic allusions are made. Nervous and complicated solos related to bebop and post bop, aggressive and frantic riffs are the typical elements of hard bop, steady beats bring calm and relaxing mood to the compositions. The improvisers don’t forget the other music styles – the main basics of contemporary academical and experimental music, modern innovations of academic avant-garde, sonoristic music, minimalism and free improvisational music are joined here all together with the basics of avant-garde jazz. An innovative instrumental section is created – musicians choose experimental, home-made and extended playing techniques, special effects and sonoristic experiments as a basic of it. Bith improvisers have a suggestive and expressive playing manner. Their playing style is inspiring, vital, dynamic and passionate – filled with drive, joy and the ambitions to create new, exciting and fresh sound. That effects all the sections of musical pattern and dictates main mood of the compositions. Saxophonist Tobias Meier is using creative point of view, passionate playing style and sharp expressive playing manner. His improvisations are the central keys of the melody line – it’s moving, thrilling, vibrant and driving. Remarkable melodies accompagnied by dizzy glimpsing passages, flowing gorgeous ornaments, shrieky frantic tunes or breaking sessions, make a great combo with other elements. Dramatic culminations, vibrant riffs, roaring blow outs, perturbating sessions are frequently changed by absolutely different moods – silent contemplative pauses, researches of strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, subtle relaxing lullabies or simply touching and impressive solos played in lyrical, sophisticated or deep mood. The music is a burst of energy – shrieky, hollowing, dramatic and booming culminations contain the centre of the melody line and whole album. An active mood is the leading mood in saxophone’s improvisations – it makes gorgeous, vital, expressive and driving sound. Kontrabass player Silvan Jeger is the master of his art. An improviser is combining together classical playing techniques of contemporary academical music with awakening experiments, specific and extended playing techniques, minimalistic samples, repetitive rhythmic series or impressive free improvisations. Every little piece or element has its own place here – steady bass line is made from repetitive tunes. It’s frequently changed by turbulent dramatic culminations, terrific powerful riffs, passionate suggestive melodies, expressive riffs, soft and elegant pizzicatto and huge range of other musical language’s elements. That finally makes an inspiring, original and evocative sound. Both musicians demonstrate their best capacities of improvising – it’s gently combined together with passionate, inspiring and evocative sound.

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