Frank Niehusmann/ Hainer Wörmann – “Kabel” (NURNICHTNUR, 2019)

Gagel / trio panta rhei / ThePianoforteTrio –  Zapping Schostakowitsch

The basics of experimental music, free collective improvisation and contemporary avant-garde jazz are brought all together in “Kabel”. The album was recorded by two interesting musicians – it’s Frank Niehusmann (Computer) and Hainer Wörmann (E-Guitar). Both musicians are experienced improvisers – they combine together their capacities of improvising, extended, specific and radical ways of playing, sparkling sonoristic experiments and spontaneous free improvisations to make an exclusive sound. They’re diving between experimental music, electronics, xomputer sounds and surprising free improvisation. There’s no line between all these styles here – improvisers are switching from one mood to another, passing through different styles without any force. The musicians are active members of contemporary academical and experimental music scene – they’re making projects and collaborations with other famous improvisers.

“Kabel” is a mix of experimental music and avant-garde jazz. Both musicians are corresponding to each other’s playing. The compositions are based on open form – that’s the main basic of each composition. It gives an opportunity to experiment, research and explore the new fields of musical language. All the layers of musical pattern are bright and independent – another color, unique sound, expressive playing manner and different characters are the main parts of it. Gorgeous background is created by using millions of colors, timbres, textures and ornaments. Polyphonic texture is formed by independent melodies which are crossing and contrasting to each other, but still gently fit together. Experimental ways of playing, special effects, computer sounds, electronics, glitch, ambient, drone, modern playing techniques and sonoristic experiments make the basement of exclusive instrumental section. Wide rhythmic section is created – classical forms, typical series, monotonic heavy riffs to passionate, flowing and light passages contain the main part of it. It has suggestive and driving sound. An independent remarkable melody line is created – it’s simply impressive and organic fusion of different timbres, sounds and emotions. Electric guitar by Hainer Wörmann is the source of colors, tunes and spontaneous improvisations. The musician is getting through different moods – sometimes his music is related to minimalistic repetitive samples, relaxing pieces or dreamy lullabies. These calm steady episodes are accompagnied by strange timbres, gorgeous tunes, research of new ways of playing and fascinating sonoristic experiments. But there’s another side of these compositions – Hainer Wörmann is getting on frantic culminations, bright vibrant riffs, tremendous perturbations, flowing passages, remarkable charming melodies or any other episodes. There’s only one step between angry frantic roars, growling riffs, passionate light solos, silent pauses or any other mood. An improviser manages to create an organic, effective and moving sound. Computer sounds by Frank Niehusmann bring in innovative decisions, radical ideas and innovative sound. Special effects, strange timbres, gorgeous tunes, synth sounds, sonoristic experiments, sonic system’s sounds, fields recordings, the main elements of concrete or spectral music – that’s the main base of this music. A duo manages to create passionate, expressive and interesting sound.



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