Somersaults – “Numerology of Birdsong” (West Hill Records, 2019)

“Numerology of Birdsong” was recorded by “Sommersaults”. The music of this trio is completely based on experimental jazz, free collective improvisation and various streams of avant-garde jazz. All three musicians are featured figures of international avant-garde jazz scene – it’s Olie Brice (double bass), Tobias Delius (tenor sax, clarinet) and Mark Sanders (drums). Three musicians – three individual styles, driving expressive playing manner, original sound and inventive point of view. These elements are the centre of all three improvisers music. The improvisers are thinking outside the box – that’s why their music is fresh, evocative, full of wild culminations, hot thrills, spontaneous solos and unexpected turns.

A nice combo of tenor saxophone, clarinet, double bass and drums is made here. All the compositions are played in active and dynamic mood. The expression, drive and emotional playing manner are the main elements related to each improviser. Experimental jazz, its innovations and sonoristic experiments, free collective improvisations and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are the main basics of compositions. “Numerology of Birdsong” is a mix of bright, passionate and expressive free improvisations. Surprises, driving turns, terrific growling riffs, flowing passages… – it’s just one little part of huge range of musical language’s elements, which are joined here. Experimental playing techniques and sonoristic experiments connected to some traditional ways of playing form an enchanting, bright and modern instrumental section. Research of strange timbres, special effects, all kinds of ornaments, textures and sounds also are frequently used everywhere. The melody and rhythmic sections are individual – both sections are independent, bright, contrasting and simply impressive. Own character, original sound, impression, spontanity, vividness and energy make a great combo with inventive decisions and masterful virtuosity. Reeds are the keys of the melody line. Tenor saxophone and clarinet by Tobias Delius bring expressive, dynamic and contrasting sound. An improviser has an outstanding playing technique, splendid virtuosity and the will to create something new. He gets on adventurous riffs, dramatic culminations, charming remarkable melodies, terrific perturbations, makes radical or provocative decisions, extract sharp, strange or peculiar timbres and is the author of impressive sonoristic experiments. All that makes an effort to whole sound – remarkable melodies become the main accents of whole melody line, terrific riffs bring energy and drive to the compositions. A melody line is basically formed by Tobias Delius – its luminous and impressive sound is accompagnied by other sections. A great, bright and independent rhythmic section is created. Dynamic double bass line is a fusion of different rhythms and repetitive series. Olie Brice is a great double bass player – his music is a mix of contemporary academical music, free improvisation and the basics of experimental jazz. Subtle pieces, stable bass line, peculiar timbres, minimalistic samples and hypnotysing sound are changed by terrific riffs, expressive vibrant melodies, frantic culminations and flowing passages. The bassist manages to put together contrasting elements in delightful and organic way. That’s how effective, innovative and original sound is created. Hysteric riffs, expressive spills of energy, nervous driving sessions, tremendous culminations, wild perturbations who calm down to melancholic lyrical pieces, steady beats, monotonic series or slow dreamy excerpts – a featured drummer Mark Sanders already had his own way how to do it. Improviser creates charming, expressive and simply fantastic rhythmic section.


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