Sloth Racket – “Dismantle Yourself” (2019)

“Dismantle Yourself” was recently recorded by “Sloth Racket”. It’a an ensemble which is formed by great experienced jazz masters – Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone), Sam Andreae (alto saxophone), Anton Hunter (guitar), Seth Bennett (double bass) and Johnny Hunter (drums). Each improviser has an effective, vital, passionate and expressive playing style. A featured and unique sound is created by using specific, experimental and original musical decisions. Inventive instrumental section, expressive and modern musical language, gorgeous background and interesting sonoristic experiments contain  the main base of the music. Musicians are improvising together with pleasure, drive and passion – their music is a mix of wide stylistic variety, interesting and exciting surprises, spontaneous solos and thrilling improvisations.

“Sloth Racket” members always have a free space to improvise. Their music is totally based on free improvisations, innovative avant-garde jazz, experimental music and some relations with modern jazz. The musicians are exploring new forms, extracting original ways of playing, bright and passionate solos and are willing to create extraordinary and fresh sound. “Dismantle Yourself” has its own, modern and innovative conception. Bright and independent melody line is created by saxophones and guitar. Cath Roberts and Sam Andreae are great saxophonists, who had already found their own sound, inspiring playing manner and inventive style. The basics of experimental jazz are connected to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz – it’s the base of these two improvisers music. Expressive melodies, bright contrasts, thrilling riffs, perturbating sessions and driving solos gently fit tyogether with silent pauses, minimalistic samples, sonoristic experiments and special effects. The saxophones is the source of energy, expression and exclusive musical decisions, which are the main accents of the melody line. Guitar brings the additional tunes and colors – Anton Hunter is the master of his art. An improviser fuses together experimental music, the elements of contemporary academical music, experimental jazz, free improvisation and modern jazz. This huge stylistic variety effects colorful pattern, gorgeous background and effective luminous melody line. Guitarist is getting through contrasting episodes, which are highly different from the others – strong luminous riffs, vibrant culminations, striking risings, wild breaking sessions which suddenly are changed by relaxing, solemn, peaceful, deep and minimalistic pieces which have a meditative and hypnotysing sound. These three instruments form an expressive, vital, dynamic and simply impressive melody line. An album has a marvelous rhythmic section. Deep repetitive bass tunes form a stable bass line – bassist Seth Bennett is switching between different ways of playing, expressive modern ideas, luminous culminations, emotional trills or vibrato, arpeggio, dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments or elegant pizzicatto and other musical language’s elements which accompagnie the main melody line all the time. The drums section is the key of the rhythmic section. An excellent drummer Johnny Hunter is mixing up all kinds of rhythms – wild free improvisations, passionate thrills, impressive solos, luminous culminations, silent pauses, steady beats or exciting expressive series are joined together. That makes an effort to original, vital, expressive and impressive sound.

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