“A” Trio – “Music To Our Ears” (Al Maslakh, 2019)

“Music To Our Ears” is a new project made by “A” Trio. Three great jazz masters had gathered together to improvise – it’s Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Sharif Sehnaoui (acoustic guitar) and Raed Yassin (double bass). Free improvisation, experimental jazz, its innovations and traditions contain the main base of their music. The relations to modern jazz styles such as bebop, post bop, hard bop and other styles. Inventive decisions, masterful playing techniques, splendid virtuosity, rich musical language and expressive playing manner – all musicians are demonstrating wide musical knownledge and huge capacity of improvising. The improvisers are dedicated to create something new – radical decisions, spontaneous surprises, gorgeous ornaments, fascinating experiments are used in every composition.

Expressive sharp and vital trumpet, surprising guitar and organic double bass – an original combo is made here in “Music To Our Ears”. Each instrument had its own function – musicians join together and make an independent melody line, dynamic and effective rhythmic section, gorgeous background and stable harmonic pattern. An innovative instrumental section based on experimental decisions and extended playing techniques is created. The musicians are blending dozens of styles and genres – the basics of avant-garde jazz, free collective improvisation, innovations of experimental jazz twisted together with the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are organically synthesized here. The music has an expressive, vital, driving and passionate sound, which is created by all three improvisers. Hollowing, sparkling and cracking trumpet is the centre of the melody line along with guitar. Trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj is the master of this art – his music is a mix of traditional Lebanese music, the basics of avant-garde jazz and sound experiments. Exotic tunes accompagnie charming remarkable melodies which grow directly to hollowing riffs, terrific blow outs, hot thrills, impressive passages, strange timbres, special effects and all kinds of ornaments. Ornamental texture, fantastic virtuosity, inventive point of view make an effort to exclusive, bright and driving sound. Different cultures meet here – European and American avant-garde jazz meets exotic and authentic Asian music and its basics. That finally makes a charming, original and luminous sound of whole melody line. Guitar is the source of new sounds, radical decisions and experimental ideas. Sharif Sehnaoui is an experienced guitarist. His music, same as other musicians, is completely based on synthesis of different cultures. Middle-Eastern, Asian and European music, experimental jazz and free collective improvisations. Extraction of percussion sounds, special effects, ornaments, flowing passages, extended playing techniques, effective riffs, emotional thrilling solos, moving trills – all these and other elements make an original and bright sound. Double bass player Raed Yassin is mixing up together the basics of free improvisational music, Western Europe harmony, basics of traditional Asian and Middle-Eastern traditional music and American avant-garde jazz. Stable bass line is contrasting to striking culminations, vibrant riffs, sharp chords, strange timbres and remarkable melodies. An effective, moving and driving sound is created.

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