From Wolves to Whales – “Strandwal” (Aerophonic Records, 2019)

“Strandwal” was recorded by “From Wolves to Whales”. It’s a quartet of featured jazz masters – they’re gently corresponding to each other’s playing and manage to create an exceptional and inspiring sound. A group of interesting and famous jazz masters is improvising here – it’s Nate Wooley (trumpet), Dave Rempis (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Chris Corsano (drums). Musicians are the central figures of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene. They’re collaborating and playing all together with other famous jazz masters. Their music always has inspiring, fresh and evocative sound. Surprises, drive, expression, passion and pleasure to improvise are the central elements of their music. Interesting stylistic allusions, some relations with contemporary academical and experimental music, sonoristic experimenta and wild free improvisations also are used almost in every composition.

Each musician is improvising individually – that makes an effort to wide range of colors, expressions, moods and characters in “Strandwal”. The musicians are demonstrating their masterful capacity to improvise – the music is full of contrasts, unpredictable turns, sudden changes and modern expressions. Immediate responds, spontaneous solos, silent pauses which meet tremendous culminations – it’s impossible to predict where’s the music is going to turn next minute. The basics of experimental jazz are used here – innovative avant-garde jazz is brought together with the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, conceptual modern jazz, dynamic and contrasting contemporary jazz and impressive free improvisations. An exciting and exclusive instrumental section is created – experimental ways of playing, sonoristic experiments and special effects make the base of it. A gorgeous background is created by using ornamental texture, all kinds of passages, thrills, trills, ornaments and strange timbres. Musicians gather together and create an incredible melody line – trumpet and saxophone are the main basics of it. Expressive, thrilling, bursting and frantic trumpet brings drive and passion to the music. Nate Wooley is dxemonstrating his own, exciting, striking and luminous sound. Especially emotional and driving playing manner is fullfilled with hot spills, frantic riffs, sharp timbres, wild blowing culminations, expressive remarkable melodies, tremendous vibrant perturbations, dramatic blow outs and other similar elements. Trumpet is a source of energy, vividness and vitality. Saxophone’s tunes are expressive, moving, thrilling and frantic. Wild culminations, fantastic melodies, impressive virtuosic passages, bright perturbations, transcendental passages are contrasting to some relaxing pieces, silent pauses, solemn or minimalistic samples – Dave Rempis finds the best way how to fuse all these elements to one place. The duos of saxophone and trumpet are the most effective, exciting and beautiful pieces of whole album. It makes the central accent of the melody line – it’s thrilling, dynamic and simply amazing. An interesting, effective, passionate, moody, glimpsing and dynamic bass fullfilled with millions of colors, textures and timbres, is created by featured bassist Pascal Niggenkemper. His evocative style, inventive playing manner and original musical decisions make an effort to inspiring, touching and expressive sound. Drums by Chris Corsano contain the centre of the rhythmic section. Hysteric expressive sessions, breaking riffs, wild perturbations, strange timbres, colorful ornaments, dizzy passages, emotional trills, terrific culminations or silent minimalistic samples – Chris Corsano manages to fuse all these elements together in the most delightful and organic way.

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