Jonathon Crompton – “Intuit” (New Lab Records, 2019)

“Intuit” has inspiring and expressive sound – Jonathon Crompton (Alto Saxophone and compositions), Ingrid Laubrock (Tenor Saxophone (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8), Patrick Breiner (Tenor Saxophone (tracks 1, 2, 4 – 8) and Bass Clarinet (track 3)), Patrick Booth (Tenor Saxophone (tracks1, 5 & 6)), Adam Hopkins (Bass) and Kate Gentile (Drums) are joined here to improvise. The musicians are famous figures of avant-garde jazz scene. The music is completely based on American or European avant-garde jazz streams. Traditions, typical elements and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz gently fit together with innovations, sonoristic experiments, radical ideas and original decisions. The improvisers have their own sound, inspiring playing manner and touching playing manner. They also have a marvelous playing technique, masterful virtuosity and inventive point of view.

“Intuit” has effective, inspiring, vital and dynamic sound. All improvisers are the masters of their art – impressive corresponding to each other’s playing, spontanity, surprises, vitality, bursting energy’s explosions are the main basics of the compositions. All music is based on free improvisation, experimental jazz and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Open form, synthesized dynamic rhythmic, sharp frantic harmonic line, independent melody and innovative instrumentation contain the musical pattern. Saxophones keep an evocative, thrilling and exclusive melody line – it’s masterfully created by Jonathon Crompton, Ingrid Laubrock, Patrick Breiner and Patrick Booth. The saxophonists highly differ from each other – their music has their own character, sound and style. Expression, drive, luminous and dramatic culminations are the main basics. The improvisers are creating contrasting and passionate sound. By starting from silent, relaxing and cool pieces, meditative minimalistic samples, sonoristic experiments, strange timbres and innovative instrumental decisions, the improvisers take the listener on real ambitious adventure. Here meet sparkling solos, passionate dizzy passages, tremendous vibrant riffs, wild perturbations, driving sessions and roaring blow outs. These episodes have a sharp, bright and simply amazing sound and are highly contrasting to relaxing and steady pieces. Sudden changes are everywhere – it makes music to sound virageous, sparkling and expressive. A great organic mosaic of different improvisations, independent melodies and fantastic solos is created. Bass clarinet is heard in track 3 – its deep, heavy, rough and dark tunes are mixed up to wide range of ornaments, textures and timbres. Reeds section formed by four outstanding reed players certainly dictates the main mood of album and create an impressive melody line. A bright, expressive, intense and fantastic rhythmic section is created by bassist Adam Hopkins and drummer Kate Gentile. Hysteric riffs, expressive nervous solos, cool steady beats, minimalistic samples, repetitive series, surprising wild riffs, perturbating sessions, explosing tremendous culminations which are highly contrasting to slow, relaxing and dreamy pieces. That’s the base of drum line – Kate Gentile is a master of organic, inventive and experimental improvising. Bassist Adam Hopkins is mixing together deep repetitive tunes which make a stable bass line, dramatic culminations, trembling vibrant sessions, emotional trills, elegant pizzicatto and all kinds of other elements. All that makes an effective and expressive sound. All music of this album is filled with experimental radical musical decisions, inventive ideas, surprising riffs and driving sound.

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