Shiroishi / Golia / Fujioka / Cline – “Borasisi” (Astral Spirits, 2019)

“Borasisi” is a new edition of “Astral Spirits”. Album was recorded by Patrick Shiroishi (saxophones), Vinny Golia (saxophones), Dylan Fujioka (drums) and Alex Cline (drums & percussion). All four musicians are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They had already developped their own sound, inventive and inspiring playing technique, driving style and suggestive way of improvising. As same as the other improvisers, musicians make the first priority to sonoristic experiments, expansion of technical instrumental abilities, search of new ways of playing and integration of fresh, original and modern sounds to the musical pattern. All their music is totally based on free improvisation, experimental jazz and other jazz styles. The improvisations have a strong relation with modern jazz styles, such as bebop, hard bop and etc., as well as contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde and experimental music. The musical language is usually synthesized – the typical elements of avant-garde jazz contain the basic of it and are gently combined together with classical forms and playing techniques of contemporary academical music.

“Borasisi” is a great example of innovative, expressive and original improvising. The compositions are played in dynamic mood. Full blasts of energy meet the silent pauses, charming remarkable solos are accompagnied by transcendental passages or go on light, relaxing and solemn pieces. The music is based on free collective improvisation and experimental jazz. Improvisers make the return to the roots – the typical rhythms and other elements of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are combined together with innovations of experimental jazz styles. Rich and exclusive instrumental section is created by using huge range of experimental, specific, peculiar, crazy and innovative decisions. The saxophone by Patrick Shiroishi is the source of energy and drive. Trendy riffs, sweet remarkable and touching solos, charming expressive melodies, thrilling bursts, hot spills, impressive roaring blow outs and rich ornamental texture are collected together. Saxophonist is demonstrating his own sound and an ability to express all kinds of motions. The music is expressive, bright and luminous. Abother great saxophonist Vinny Golia joins Patrick Shiroishi. Vinny Golia, as same as Patrick Shiroishi, has a remarkable and exclusive playing style. His music is a burst of expression, drive and vividness. From light murmurs to hysteric riffs, passionate charming melodies to frantic culminations, wild perturbations or back to silent contemplations, meditative samples and lyrical contemplations – all wide range of expressions, motions and characters is expressed in improvisations of Vinny Golia. The duos of these two featured saxophonists are the basics of the melody line. That makes an effort to driving, energetic and impressive sound and also dictates an active and expressive mood of whole album. The rhythmic section is just fantastic. Two great drummers are playing here together – it’s Dylan Fujioka and Alex Cline. Fantasy, drive, impression, spontanity and joy to improvise are blured together in organic combo. Drummers get on explosing culminations accompagnied by nervous hysteric solos and expressive melodies. When suddenly they calm down to stable beats, silent pauses or strike on trendy, bright, luminous and passionate culminations, breaking driving sessions or wild perturbations. Drums are gently combined together with gorgeous percussion’s timbres. This album has a bright and multi-layed pattern – impressive melody line, sharp hysteric harmony, innovative instrumentation and independent rhythmic basement are the basics of it.


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