Neuser/Quebrada – “Toxicodendron radicans” (Creative Sources, 2019)

“Toxicodendron radicans” was recorded by two great jazz masters – it’s Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet) and Carlos Quebrada (electric bass). Two interesting improvisers have their own sound and inspiring playing manner. Nikolaus Neuser’s music is based on  contemporary avant-garde jazz which is frequently related to modern jazz and contemporary academical music. Drive, expression, stunning experiments, research of strange tunes, expansion of technical abilities bring huge range of colors to his improvisations. Carlos Quebrada combines together experimental jazz, contemporary academical music, free improvisation and experimental music. Spontanity, vividness joined together with awakening ideas, surprises and driving playing manner makes the base of his music. Both musicians are demonstrating impressive virtuosity, innovative point of view and wide musical knownledge.

Both musicians have a great pleasure to improvise together in “Toxicodendron radicans”. That highly effects their music – it’s driving, exclusive and thrilling. Experimental and avant-garde jazz, free collective improvisation and modern jazz styles are the main compounds of music. Specific, home-made, unique and innovative ways of improvising are fused together with roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Here’s innovations, stunning experiments, traditions and shocking ways of playing go along together just fine. Special effects, expansion of technical abilities, research of new ways of playing and unusual timbres also are used frequently. An incredible and innovative instrumental section, rich musical language, modern expressions and stunning sonoristic experiments shows that sound experiments and innovations are the main priorities of improvisers. The musicians are full of original ideas and are demonstrating new ways of improvising, wide musical knownledge and fantastic playing technique – that makes an effort to exciting, driving and rich musical language. Solid and independent melody line is generally kept by Nikolaus Neuser. Experienced and talented trumpeter is fusing together all kinds of expressions, moods, characters and tunes by using an expressive, vital and innovative playing technique. Ornamental texture, all kinds of abbreviations, special effects, glissando, repetitive series and breaking sessions form illustrative and effective background. Expressive, remarkable and bright melodies are in the center of improvisations. It’s luminous, electric, shrieky, energetic and driving. Impressive melodies gently fit together with glimpsy flowing passages, hot growling thrills, roaring riffs, wild perturbating blow outs, light transcendental ornaments, special effects and sound experiments which accompagnie the melody line all the time. An improviser is balancing between different moods. From expressive, nervous, hysteric or even frantic culminations he moves on furious and wild riffs, stormy vibrant perturbations or suddenly calms down on relaxing, subtle, solemn, deep and steady pieces. The organic synthesis or all these elements finally makes a remarkable, hypnotising and driving sound of Nikolaus Neuser’s music. Bassist Carlos Quebrada is mixing up together nervous expressive rhythms, repetitive rhythmic series, minimalistic samples, awakening tunes related to contemporary academical and experimental music, as well as abstract and simply impressive free improvisations and spontaneous solos. Sonoristic experiments, special effects, synthesized tunes, strange timbres and ornaments make a gorgeous background. The beauty of the melody line is expressed by adding more colors to it, dynamic rhythmic section is created with huge range of rhythms. Strange, sharp and colorful tunes of electric bass also make an effort to strong and independent harmonic background. Bass melodies are filled with abstract and spontaneous free improvisations, impressive surprises, dramatic culminations, ambient tunes, sonoristic experiments and silent pauses. All that makes an effort to interesting and touching sound.


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