François Carrier / Alexander Hawkins / John Edwards / Michel Lambert – “Nirguna” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2019)

Four featured figures of avant-garde jazz scene had gathered together to improvise – “Nirguna” was recorded by François Carrier (saxophone), Alexander Hawkins (piano), John Edwards (double bass) and Michel Lambert (drums). Musicians had played together as a quartet and on various combos with famous jazz stars – their music always is a burst of energy, drive and passion. The music is completely based on free collective improvisation, the innovations of experimental jazz and the tunes related to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. Surprises, bright contrasts, driving solos, catchy and luminous riffs, flowing passages or silent pauses – all these elements gently fit together in their music. Improvisers have their unique sound – they’re demonstrating an innovative point of view, masterful virtuosity, splendid playing technique and exclusive musical language. This album is another one great example of collaboration between four impressive jazz masters.

“Nirguna” is completely based on free improvisation and open form. Immediate reponses, impressive corresponding to each other’s playing, strongly contrasting episodes gently combined together, all kinds of moods and textures changed silmunateously are the main elements of the compositions. That makes an effort to bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Active mood is almost everywhere – it’s changed from time to time by silent pauses, relaxing pieces or meditative minimalistic samples. Independent melody line, dynamic and wild rhythmic section, sharp aggressive harmony basic and gorgeous background are the main compounds of musical pattern.

Trembling, passionate and frantic saxophone’s solos François Carrier effect whole melody line. His improvisations are played in active, bright and exciting mood. Here improviser twists together expressive remarkable melodies, terrific vibrant riffs, perturbating wild culminations, breaking sessions, driving fantastic solos and transcendental passages, ornaments and abbreviations of all types. Francois Carrier is going deep down into depressive, simple, lyrical and minimalistic samples, silent pauses from time to time, or rises up on wild, sparkling and simply impressive culminations. Saxophone’s tunes dictate the main mood of the melody line – it’s driving, effective and exciting.

Piano tunes by Alexander Hawkins are full of drive, brightness and passion. Experienced pianist demonstrating his best capacity, wide musical knownledge and innovative way of playing. Expressive, nervous and complicated bebop or hard bop solos meet flowing dizzy passages, fantastic riffs, breaking monotonic sessions, frantic sharp and aggressive chord’s sequences, luminous culminations and light, joyful, expressive and flying ornaments. The music is played in active, dynamic and perturbating mood – that finally makes an effort to an exclusive sound.

Double bass section is kept by featured bass player John Edwards. Bassist is creating his wide and rich musical language, developpes unique way of playing and forms an innovative instrumental section. Deep, contemplative and heavy bass line is made by using repetitive rhythms and tunes. Special effects, strange timbres and ornaments contain a colorful background. Dramatic, vibrant and impressive culminations have a terrific, wild and driving sound. Improviser manages to create an exceptional and moving sound by expressing all wide range of emotions, characters, expressions and playing techniques.

Hysteric terrific riffs, complicated bebop, aggressive breaking hard bop, abstract free improvisations, thrilling and dynamic African, Afroamerican music’s rhythms and the basics of experimental jazz – that’s the base of the rhythmic section. It’s kept by Michel Lambert. An impressive drummer has a hypnotysing and suggestive playing manner. He manages to create a fabulous and tremendous rhythmic section.



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