David Leon/ Chris Pitsiokos/ Asher Kurtz – “Current Obsession Vol. 1” (2019)

“Current Obsession Vol. 1” is released in 2019. Album was recorded by David Leon (Left Channel – alto saxophone, piccolo, game calls, homemade instruments), Asher Kurtz (Center – guitar) and Chris Pitsiokos (Right Channel – alto saxophone). These three musicians are great improvisers – their wide musical knownledge is twisted together with masterful playing technique, rich and exciting musical language and driving style. All that makes an effort to original and unique sound. Musicians are the central figures of contemporary experimental jazz’s scene. They’re collaborating and improvising together with other famous jazz stars. The music is based on mix of different jazz styles. The basics of avant-garde jazz contain the main center of the compositions. Innovations of experimental jazz are mixed up together to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. experimental and contemporary academical music, noise, electronics and other styles of modern classical music. This album is a nice example of productive, interesting and passionate collaboration.

The compositions of “Current Obsession Vol. 1” have a bright and multi-layed pattern, synthetic form, exciting and impressive musical language, and unique sound. An innovative instrumental section is created by fusing together experimental, innovative, bright, home-made, specific or even shocking ways of playing. Typical, classical and very well-known playing techniques also are the parts of instrumental section. It’s moving, bright, expressive and sparkling. Experimental ways of playing make the basic of each composition – that makes an effort to extraordinary, bright and evocative sound. The musical pattern is bright, passionate and driving. It has a stable and aggressive harmony line, dynamic rhythmic section and independent melody line. All these three sections are illustrated by gorgeous and ornamented background. Alto saxophone, piccolo gently fused together with game calls and homemade instruments is the base of David Leon’s music. Improviser is the master of his art – he manages to combine together expressive and vital saxophone’s melodies, hot thrills, sharp aggressive growls, urgent and striking riffs, passionate, roaring and wild blow outs, impressive rising culminations or silent pauses, relaxing meditative pieces or dreamy lullabies. Strange sounds, shrieky hollowing piccolo, special effects, all kinds of ornaments and expressions make his music bright, driving and filled with original ideas. Aggressive, energetic, driving and simply impressive saxophone tunes are brought in by another one great improviser Chris Pitsiokos. Saxophonist is developping his own and unique sound – his playing style is a mix of driving playing manner, inspiring and evocative style, sharp, aggressive, furious and wild blasts and suggestive playing technique. Vibrant wild culminations, perturbating sessions, breakinf driving riffs, expressive, thrilling and passionate melodies accompagnied by thrilling, growling, sharp and frantic tunes, strange timbres, special effects and fantastic transcendental passages. All that is gently brought together and makes an effort to impressive, radical and innovative sound. Chris Pitsiokos music is the center of the melody line – it makes it dramatic, vibrant, crazy, wild and simply astonishing. Asher Kurtz’s guitar is moving, bright and filled with experimental ideas. Innovations and traditions, roots of avant-garde jazz which go along with contemporary music’s ideas, research of timbres, expansion of technical abilities and passionate melodies. Intense and vibrant riffs go down to relaxing silent pieces, meditative minimalistic samples, research of new ways of playing or rise on striking, wild, terryfying, luminous and expressive culminations. All three musicians are get along just fine together – their music is made with love, drive and expression.

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