Sonnet/Matsumoto – “Versus” (Sounds et al, 2019)

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „caspar sonnet kozue matsumoto versus“

“Versus” is released on “Sounds et al” label. Album was recorded by Caspar Sonnet (prepared acoustic lap-steel dobro, harmonica, voice & percussion) and Kozue Matsumoto (koto). Both musicians are real experimentators of academic avant-garde. Their music is somewhere between free jazz, experimental music, free improvisation and the newest tendencies of academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. Interesting instrumental combos, rare and exotic sounds, eclectic stylistic allusions and sonoristic experiments – that’s the center of their music. Both musicians have their own sound and style. They like to get on adventurous culminations, stunning sound experiments, expand and explore new ways of playing. All that is done to make an impressive, original and exclusive sound. The musicians are dedicated to create something new and fresh – sonoristic experiments, radical and inventive decisions, the creation of expressive and modern musical language are their main priorities.

Exciting, innovative and modern sound is created in “Versus”. The compositions are completely based on experimental and contemporary academical music. There are some elements related to free improvisational music and experimental jazz. A synthesized form is made by fusing together various types of classical forms, conventions and open forms. The compositions have a bright, enchanting and modern musical pattern. There’s no border between the sections of musical pattern – strong, bright and passionate melody line joins together with dynamic rhythms, gorgeous timbres and sound experiments. Different cultures are connected here – European and Asian music rhythms and melodic intonations are gently joined together. Musicians are searching to new and original sound. They’re exploring the technical abilities of their instruments. An integration of radical, provocative, shocking, crazy or simply weird playing techniques contains the main base of instrumental section. Prepared acoustics and electronics are used together – that makes an effort to original and modern musical language. Special effects, extended playing techniques, innovations and traditions, gorgeous surprises, home-made, specific and radical ways of playing form an impressive instrumental section, which certainly is the center of all compositions. The music is dynamic and emotional. Melody line is another one important element – it’s an example of organic fusion of wide range of musical language’s elements. Unusual, expressive and vivid prepared lap-steel dobro tunes are vivid, ornamental and passionate. From silent, simple and relaxing tunes it gets driving. hollowing, swirling, whistling, exciting and expressive. All huge range of emotions is expressed. Harmonica tunes bring the energy, brightness and drive to the compositions. Harmonica makes a great combo with all the other instruments – its bright, trembling, dynamic and original tunes gently fit together. Whispers, hollows, recitals, spoken elements and all kinds of other voice’s improvisations are used as the effective coloristics. The percussion is bright, dynamic and energetic. Gorgeous timbres, experimental ways of playing, luminous culminations, ornamental textures, abbreviations, furiously fast series or minimalistic samples contain original and modern rhythmic section. Exotic koto melodies are filled with provocative decisions, fresh tunes, strange timbres, traditional Japanese music rhythms and timbres. Effective, bright and exciting sound is brought in to the music. Both musicians are playing and improvising just marvelous – their music has innovative, fresh and inspiring sound.


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