Modular String Trio – “Chlorofil” (Audio Cave, 2019)

Modular String Trio - Chlorofil

“Chlorofil” is released on “Audio Cave” label. All musix was recorded and masterfully interpretated by “Modular String Trio”. It’s an innovative ensemble, which creates a bright, exciting and fresh sound. All music is balancing between free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the basics of experimental jazz. Four musicians are playing together – it’s Sergiy Okhrimchuk (violin), Robert Jędrzejewski (cello), Jacek Mazurkiewicz (contrabass) and Łukasz Kacperczyk (modular synthesizer). All of them have an inspiring and expressive playing manner, innovative point of view and modern conception. They’re dedicated to create something new and exciting. That’s the reason why their music is full of surprises, radical, evocative and original decisions, stunning sonoristic experiments and rich musical language. The musicians make a nice fusion of contemporary academical music, innovative academic avant-garde, experimental music, free improvisation and the main basics of avant-garde jazz.

“Chlorofil” is an excellent example of creative, bright and evocative playing. The musicians don’t have to stick on strict rules or classical conventions – that makes an effort to absolutely free, exciting, dynamic and unpredictable improvising. The compositions are completely based on contemporary academical music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. There’s no line between all these three music styles – from strict, evocative and conventional episodes they pass through minimalistic samples, solemn relaxing pieces to striking, impressive and wild free improvisations. Musicians are experimenting on all sections – they’re expanding technical abilities of the instruments, searching to new and gorgeous timbres, special effects and modern ways of playing. They make a marvelous andd colorful instrumental section by combining together experimental, innovative, expressive, awakening and home-made ways of playing, classical playing techniques, rare and exotic combos, special effects and coloristics. An instrumental section, as well as all the other sections, are colorfully accompagnied by gorgeous and suggestive background. Striking, thrilling and expressive violin’s tunes contain the base of impressive and independent melody line. Sergiy Okhrimchuk is the master of his art. Musician gently combines together his own ideas, rare, extended and home-made ways of playing, radical decisions, pleasant surprises and modern expressions. His music has a rich and bright musical language, dynamic rhythmic section and vibrant mood. Thrilling expressive melodies are meeting silent pauses, lyrical elegant pieces, meditative minimalistic samples or jump on luminous, vibrant, frantic and wild culminations. Violin is the center of whole album – it dictates dynamic and alive mood, brings energy and drive to the melody line and has a remarkable sound. Melodic, gentle, bright and dynamic cello is gently corresponding to violin and contrabass. Cellist Robert Jędrzejewski and bassist Jacek Mazurkiewicz are making a great combo with violin. Elegant, solemn, light and moving cello is highly contrasting to deep, heavy, slow and independent contrabass. Both musicians have an impressive playing technique, suggestive and inspiring sound and the will to experiment, search and create something new. Their music goes through wide range of moods – from silent, deep, heavy, dark, sophisticated and dreamy pieces music gets striking, sparkling, passionate, wild, tremendous and perturbating storm of sounds, colors, expressions and riffs. Modular Synthesizer by Łukasz Kacperczyk is like the other side of the album – synth tunes, computer sounds, loops, imitations and alterations, sonoristic experiments, field recordings, glitch, ambient are the main elements of electronics section. The electronics are used as a coloristic element – these elements are placed along with other expressions and ornaments. A synthesis between natural and universal acoustics and synthetic modern electronics finally makes an effort to original and innovative sound.

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