Christopher Dell – “Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert (Revision IV-V)” (ENW Records, 2019)

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „christopher dell das arbeitene konzert“

“Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert (Revision IV-V)” is released by “ENW Records” label. The compositions by Christopher Dell were recorded here. A group of great experienced musicians is playing all together in this album – it’s Jonas Westergaard (bass), Robert Landfermann (bass), Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Christian Lillinger (drums), Pierre Borel (saxophone) and Christopher Dell (vibraphone, conductor). All these musicians are experimentators of contemporary avant-garde jazz and experimental music’s scene. They’re full of inventive ideas, radical decisions and modern conceptions. The musicians are famous on experimental jazz scene – they’re the central figures of this scene for many years. Interesting collaborations, evocative projects, releases of new albums, concert tours and performances along with other famous improvisers is the main part of their activity. Christopher Dell is a composer who’s fusing together the innovations of contemporary academical and experimental music, free improvisation, noise, concrete and sonoristic music, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz. His music has an original conception, is based on modern sonoristic experiments, complicated forms, radical decisions and passionate surprises.

“Das Arbeitende Konzert/ The Working Concert (Revision IV-V)” is a mix of experimental music, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz. Each musician has its own point of view – they’re all are trying to bring new colors, exciting and suggestive characters, as well as strange tunes and unique sound. The musical pattern is multi-layed and polyphonic. It has a difficult, modern and enchanting musical language. Repetitive series, frantic sequences, breaking powerful sessions, full blasts of energy, puantilism, serialism, various playing techniques related to concrete, sonoristic or spectral music, are gently combined together. The composer is using huge range of playing and composing techniques to make bright and exclusive sound. Traditional composing ways are gently combined together with experimental innovations and very own conceptions created by Christopher Dell. An exclusive and bright musical language is created – composer also demonstrates his own sound, unique style and dynamic playing manner. His music is balancing somwehere between free improvisation, contemporary academical music, experimental music, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz. There’s no borders between these two genres – from cross, striking, awakening and innovative academical music’s tunes the musicians get on impressive free improvisations, immediate reponses and sonoristic experiments made spontaneously and with passion. The musical pattern has an independent melody line, bright and illustrative background, innovative instrumental section and dynamic rhythmic section. The synthesized form is used everywhere – it’s a combo of classical forms related to contemporary academical music and open form which is the basic of avant-garde jazz. Experimental, innovative and home-made ways of playing consist the main basic of instrumental section. These elements are used along with classical and very well-known playing techniques, special effects, coloristics, ornaments and textures – that makes an effort to effective, bright and inspiring instrumental section. Saxophone tunes by Pierre Borel contain the basic of melody line. Trembling solos, moving trills, passionate and expressive melodies, sharp and awakening riffs, hollowing, cracking, swirling and strange tunes, sonoristic experiments, modest and solemn pieces which pass to subtle minimalistic samples or silent pauses – Pierre Borel is the master of combining together all kinds of elements and forms to make an exclusive, energetic and expressive sound. Two bass players Jonas Westergaard and Robert Landfermann get along just fine with cellist Elisabeth Coudoux. Three improvisers bring new colors and inspiring sound to the melody line and make a stable and amazing strings section. It contains everything – deep tunes, stable repetitive bass line, heavy and monotonic bass solos which are strongly contrasting to moving, expressive and passionate cello’s melodies, flying, transcendental and dizzy passages, impressive glissando, special effects, stunning sound experiments and sudden mood’s changes. A deep, heavy and stable bass meet dynamic, expressive and driving cello – this combo makes an effort to rich, enchanting and bright sound. Drums section by Christian Lillinger is independent and impressive – it’s a mix of spontaneous improvising and the tendencies of contemporary academical music. Roaring drum rolls, sonoristic experiments, experimental ways of playing, radical decisions, expressive and breaking sessions, passionate thrilling culminations which suddenly calm down to minimalistic pieces, silent pauses or relaxing pieces – that’s the base of bright, inspiring and original drums section. Elegant, gentle, light and solemn vibraphone’s tunes are used as a coloristic and created by Christopher Dell. The music of this album has expressive, dynamic and driving sound.


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