Ken Vandermark – “Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019” (Catalytic Sound, 2019)

“Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019” is a new release of “Catalytic Sound”. An album was recorded by a group of great jazz masters – Ken Vandermark (reeds), Paul Lytton (drums and percussion), Ikue Mori (laptop/electronics), Kris Davis (piano), William Parker (double bass) and Hamid Drake (drums and percussion). The musicians are dedicated to create new, exciting and innovative sound. Their creativity, innovative and experimental decisions, stunning experiments, excellent musical knownledge, fantastic virtuosity make the main effort to original, vivid and expressive sound. All musicians are featured improvisers – they’re the central figures of American avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. They’re playing and collaborating with other great jazz masters – dozens of albums, creative and original collaborations, impressive free improvisations and spontaneous surprises accompagnie all their compositions. All music is completely based on free improvisation, the basics and innovations of contemporary experimental jazz, as well as the synthesis of Norwegian, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz streams and roots of avant-garde jazz.

“Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019” has a bright, remarkable and expressive sound. The music is a mix of experimental jazz, free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, as well as noise, electronics and some tunes of minimalism. The musicians are mixing up together electronics and acoustics. These two individual and contrasting instrument’s groups are gently and organically combined together. Compositions have a difficult and multi-layed musical pattern, which consists of dozens of elements. Vibrant and excellent harmony line brings drive and energy to the compositions, stable perturbating rhythmic section is contrasting to bright, charming and expressive melody line. All these layers are accompagnied by gorgeous and colorful musical background filled with enchanting passages, gentle and light ornaments, special effects and all kinds of coloristics. A bright, colorful and innovative instrumental section is created – it’s a mix of acoustics and electronics, traditional and experimental ways of playing, expansion of technical abilities, sonoristic and timbral experiments. The melody line is basically created and kept by reeds and piano. Turbulence, vigilance, drive and explosing energy’s perturbations are the main elements of Ken Vandermark’s improvisations. Vibrant culminations, hot thrills, expressive remarkable melodies, luminous and wild riffs, impressive passages, flowing ornaments and special effects are corresponding to minimalistic samples, synth tunes or subtle pieces. Aggressive and expressive playing manner is the main element of Ken Vandermark’s music. It makes bright, impressive and original sound of his improvisations. Silent tunes grow out to luminous culminations, minimalistic lyrical pieces, research of strange tunes or original timbres are changed by enchanting, flowing and passionate melodies. It’s never boring to listen to Ken Vandermark’s improvisations. Remarkable, vivid and fascinating melodies, spontaneous solos and tremendous effective culminations are the basics of piano music. Kris Davis is demonstrating his own and original point of view – he gets on adventurous experiments, stunning free improvisations and manages to create original and expressive sound. The music is sparkling, alive and dynamic – sparkling riffs, remarkable melodies, wild perturbating sessions, driving solos and frantic hypnotysing rhythmic or chord’s series make the main effort to it. Silent tunes, deep and slow solos, heavy or solemn pieces, stable bass line who grows directly to trembling and passionate solos, tremendous, frantic, frustrating, wild and hollowing culminations, research of strange and gorgeous timbres, expansion of technical instrumental abilities and impressive virtuosity – all these elements are gently joined together by famous bassist William Parker. The electronics by Ikue Mori are used here – laptop tunes, synth sounds, computer devices noises, imitations and alterations, drone, glitch, ambient and loops is just a one little part of these improvisations. The newest tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music, noise, academic avant-garde, concrete and spectral music, minimalism and electronics are brought all together in open form. The music has modern, bright and evocative sound. The drums and percussion’s section is modern, dynamic and amazing. It’s a mix of complicated, nervous and furious rhythms, expressive riffs which meet tremendous, perturbating and breaking sessions, impressive free improvisations, colorful and inventive percussion’s timbres and sound experiments. Drums section is masterfully created by Paul Lytton and Hamid Drake.


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