RYAN CARTER – “Chamber Works” (Kairos, 2019)

“Chamber Works” is a new edition of “Kairos Music”. Album was recorded by featured quartets and musicians of contemporary academical music scene – it’s JACK Quartet, Yarn/Wire, Calder Quartet, Emanuele Torquati (piano), Duo Dillon-Torquati and Keith Kirchoff (piano). “JACK Quartet”, “Yarn/Wire” and “Calder Quartet” are the central figures of contemporary academical music scene. Their innovative, expressive, inspiring and awakening sound is a great result of collaboration, vcreativity and original ideas. The musicians take a new point of view and create original and evocative interpretations of contemporary academical and classical music composers. All musicians are the masters of their art – they all have bright, enchanting and inspiring playing style, unique sound, innovative point of view, fantastic playing technique, masterful virtuosity and new conception of contemporary academical music. The works by Ryan Carter are recorded in this album. Ryan Carter is an innovative and original composer. His music is based on the main tendencies and innovations of contemporary academical music – serialism, puantilism, dodecaphony, minimalism, specific and radical ways of composing are just one little part which contain the central base of Ryan Carter music. Composer gently combines together absolutely uncompairable composing techniques, new, exciting and experimental ways of playing, special effects, electronics and acoustics and huge range of other musical language’s elements. That finally makes an effort to expressive, moving, enchanting and inspiring sound.

“Chamber Works” is filled with fresh ideas, original decisions and expressive sound. The music is completely based on contemporary academical music, the newest tendencies of academic avant-garde, sonoristic experiments, experimental music, noise and the some elements of free improvisational music. The music is recorded by featured musicians and played with lots of pleasure, drive and expression. That makes an effort to interesting, wild and dynamic sound. The compositions are dedicated to demonstrate inventive point of view, creativity and new conception of Ryan Carter’s composing style. The compositions written on different periods are recorded here. It’s like a retrospective of Ryan Carter’s music, which gives an opportunity to the listener to get know and compare the music of this composer. Each composition has a difficult multi-layed musical pattern with rich musical language, modern innovations, synthetic form, impressive and colorful instrumental section, vivid expressions and fantastic melody line. Sonoristic experiments, modern, extravagant, radical, provocative, inventive, experimental, innovative and classical ways of playing, special effects and research of strange timbres contain the main base of instrumental section. It’s intensive, bright and dynamic. A gorgeous background is created – all kinds of colorful ornaments, rhythms, sounds, timbres and abbreviations are brought together. The musicians have a free spece to experiment – they get on wild, original, inspiring and spontaneous solos, original interpretations, research of interesting timbres, integration of evocative decisions and new conceptions. The melody line is kept by strings or piano in different compositions. Shrieky, moving, striking and hysteric repetitive strings tunes gently correspond to soft pizzicatto, sharp staccato, glimpsing and elegant glissando and grow out to expressive, light, moving and thrilling melodies. Compositions for strings quartet are played and interpretated differently by “JACK Quartet” and “Calder Quartet” – the members of these ensembles are getting on fascinating experiments, fusing together modern innovations and traditions, get on adventurous culminations or subtle minimalistic samples. The music by these is simply amazing, bright and innovative. There are many compositions for percussion and piano.It’s a real burst of energy – breaking sessions, driving riffs, passionate spills of energy, frantic chord’s sequences, perturbating culminations, transcendenal passages, expressive remarkable melodies and other piano tunes meet dynamic, gorgeous, exotic, explosing and intense percussion filled with evocative ideas, interesting decisions and expression. The music of this album connects the modern ideas and traditions of contemporary academical music – it has fresh, awakening and innovative sound.

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