Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker – “Apsis” (Aerophonic Records, 2019)

“Apsis” is out on “Aerophonic Records”. All music was recorded by four featured jazz masters – it’s Dave Rempis (alto/tenor/bari saxophone), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Joshua Abrams (bass) and Avreeayl Ra (drums/percussion) who’re improvising together. Individual playing style, effective and expressive playing manner, inventive decisions, creativity, modern expressions and experimental instrumental section – these are the central elements of improvisers music. The musicians are improvising with charm, pleasure, drive and expression – their music always has enchanting, innovative and dynamic sound, is full of virages, colorful expressions, gorgeous timbres and bright contrasts. All four musicians are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is based on free improvisational music, the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz which are fused together with modern and contemporary jazz styles. Musicians are improvising spontaneously – all the music is basically created in the moment of playing. They get on adventurous free improvisations, stunning experiments, brave and ambitious innovations, but also give a return to the roots of avant-garde jazz. That finally makes an effort to original, expressive and dynamic sound.

“Apsis” is a real burst of energy, expression and drive. It has driving, thrilling and moving sound for the most of the time. The compositions are based on active mood, which is changed by other motions and characters. Sad, lyrical, sophisticated, moody, gloomy, light, dreamy, minimalistic, depressive or deep and heavy excerpts are strongly contrasting to wild bursts of energy, perturbating and vibrant riffs, dramatic frantic culminations and spontaneous solos. All music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. The music is effected by bebop, post bop, hard bop, mainstream, contemporary jazz and other modern jazz styles. Improvisers are combining together their own and experimental ways of playing and classical playing techniques. The tunes related to contemporary academical, modern classical and experimental music are integrated to musical pattern. That makes an effort to colorful, bright and original sound, which is changing all the time. Musicians are going on brave and stunning sonoristic experiments, search to gorgeous and strange timbres and are trying to expand the technical abilities of instruments. All kinds of musical language’s elements are gently combined together – musicians make a great fusion of wide range of emotions, expressions, timbres, rhythms and sounds. That’s how enchanting, difficult and multi-layed pattern is created. It has several main layers which are highly different from each other – it’s powerful and vibrant melody line, dynamic rhythmic section, gorgeous background and impressive instrumental section. Experimental, specific, home-made and original ways of playing are fused together with extended, classical or very well-known ways of playing ,ornamentsm, textures and special effects. That makes an effort to fantastic and innovative instrumental section. Energy and drive are brought to the melody line by Dave Rempis and Jim Baker. Saxophones by Dave Rempis are based on bright, inspiring and thrilling improvising. Improviser is combining together wild perturbations, breaking driving sessions, hot thrills, growling, urgling, cracking and crazy riffs, passionate roaring blow outs, fantastic remarkable melodies accompagnied by dizzy passages, gorgeous timbres and ornaments. Dave Rempis is using his wide musical knownledge and creavity to make a stunning, driving and expressive sound. Piano tunes by Jim Baker also is the source of energy. Modern, extravagant and dynamic – that’s how we could call the piano melodies which are accompagnied furious roulades, aggressive sparkling riffs, frantic chord’s sequences and breaking sessions. Thrilling, moving, expressive and wild culminations are highly contrasting to silent, dreamy, lyrical and meditative pieces who have hypnotising and effective sound. Synth tunes colorfully illustrate whole section – loops, ambient, drone, glitch, sonic system’s experiments and all kinds of other very well-known electronics are used here to create modern, dynamic and original sound. Deep, heavy and gloomy, or sparkling, dynamic and striking – bass section created by Joshua Abrams is contrasting and original. Improviser gently fuses together huge range of chords, tunes and expressions – from silent pauses, gloomy and solemn excerpts, minimalistic samples, stable bass line the music gets striking, angry, aggressive, perturbating and frantic or light, vivid, glimpsy and expressive. Special effects, ornaments, extended playing techniques are used here and effect original and colorful sound. Rhythmic section is simply amazing – expressive bebop, aggressive hard bop, complicated and extravagant post bop and other modern jazz styles, monotonic and relaxing cool rhythms meet dynamic and active Afroamerican and Western Africa ethnic music rhythms and impressive free improvisations. Avreeayl Ra is fusing all these elements together – it’s bright, perturbating, dynamic and roaring, filled with colorful effective percussion, low stable beats who meet crazy, turbulent and breaking culminations. All music of this album has a remarkable, modern and innovative sound.

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