Simon Proffitt and Ash Cooke – “Gwrth​-​gitâr” (Linear Obsessional, 2019)

“Gwrth​-​gitâr” is out now on “Linear Obsessional” label. It’s a duo of two great guitarists and improvisers – Simon Proffitt (guitar) and Ash Cooke (guitar). Two interesting guitarists are creating expressive, conceptual and dynamic sound. All music is totally based on free improvisation and experimental jazz. Research of strange and unheard timbres, integration of evocative and innovative ideas, rare combos, exotic tunes and organic stylistic allusions are the main priorities of the musicians. Both improvisers are dedicated to research and to find something new, modern and thrilling. They want to expand the technical abilities of the guitar and explore a new side of classical acoustic guitar. That they succesfully manage to do – fresh, bright, new, modern and original guitar’s tunes, innovative expressions and multi-colorful pattern is created. Musicians already have their own and unique sound – it’s always based on synthesis between traditions and innovations, sound experiments and inventive musical decisions.

“Gwrth​-​gitâr” is a great compilation of original, inspiring and expressive improvisations. All music is totally based on experimental jazz. There’s an influenze of other music styles – the innovations of experimental jazz are gently combined together with complicated and expressive modern jazz, aggressive hard bop, emotional bebop and awakening tunes of contemporary academical music. So the basics of contemporary academical and experimental music as well as experimental jazz contain the base of this album. To search new timbres, extended playing techniques and expand the comfort’s zone of sound – that’s the main priority of improvisers. They have a tendency to improvise absolutely spontaneously – all their music is made in the moment of playing. It’s filled with spontanity, drive, expression, sudden changes, virageous turns and pleasant unexpected surprises. An expression of emotions is very important – musiicans are getting throught wide range of emotions, characters, individual themes and expressions. The create an original, enchanting and bright musical pattern. It has evocative instrumental section, independent melody line, remarkable and dynamic rhythmic section and gorgeous background. Experimental, home-made and extended playing techniques contain the base of instrumental section. It’s illustrated with special effects, fascinating sonoristic experiments, gorgeous timbres and gently fused together with experimental ways of playing – finally it makes an effort to effective, driving and unique sound. The melody line is independent and bright – both guitarists have an expressive and inspiring playing manner. They manage to combine together evocative, thrilling and awakening ideas of contemporary academical music and roaring, spontaneous and impressive free improvisations. Independent melodies are crossing with each other and make a huge contrast – when one is silent, the other strikes on thrilling and dramatic culmination, gets on silent, lyrical, calm, soft and gentle mood or goes straight down to sophisticated and minimalistic pauses. Guitar’s solos by both improvisers are filled with expressive melodies, cracking, swirling, glimpsing and roaring riffs, strange timbres, dizzy transcendental passages, gorgeous ornaments, silent minimalistic samples, luminous culminations or interesting research of original timbres and extended playing techniques. The musicians are expanding the technical abilities and exploring a new zone of sound – it’s evocative, awakening, innovative and impressive. All kinds of rhythms are used here – from repetitive series, typical rhythmic figures of modern and contemporary jazz to spontaneous free rhythmical improvisations. The music is emotional and suggestive – it demonstrates original, passionate and innovative sound.

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