Jeb Bishop / Alex Ward / Weasel Walter – “Flayed” (Ugexplode Records, 2019)

“Flayed” is out now on “Ugexplode Records” label. Album was recorded by exclusive trio based on Jeb Bishop (trombone, electronics), Alex Ward (guitar, clarinet) and Weasel Walter (drums) collective improvisations. The music of this trio always is exciting, dynamic and driving. It’s filled with joy, evocative decisions, innovative ideas and expressive musical language. Musicians like to get on ambitious and fascinating sonoristic experiments, impressive and wild free improvisations, spontaneous solos and pleasant surprises. Modern innovations and traditions are gently synthesized together. Improvisers are the masters of their art – each of them is demonstrating his own and unique sound, exciting and expressive playing manner, wonderful playing technique and splendid virtuosity. All these elements are mixed up together with full blasts of energy, drive, crazy, frantic and wild ideas, inventive decisions and innovative point of view. The music is completely based on free collective improvisation and the basics of avant-garde jazz.

“Flayed” is based expressive and active mood. Musicians are fusing together different streams of avant-garde and modern jazz styles. Interesting combos, rare and exotic timbres, fascinating experiments and innovative instrumental section are the main priorities of all three improvisers. Together they’re dedicated to create something new, fresh, exciting and driving. All music is completely based on open form, free improvisation, independent and impressive melody line, stable harmony section, wide and dynamic rhythmic section and polyphonic texture. Huge stylistic variety is created – the basics of avant-garde jazz, modern innovations of experimental jazz are blurred together with the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The musicians are using their very own and specific ways of playing, experimental, extended and original playing techniques to create effective sound. They’re combining all these elements together with the tunes related to experimental music, noise, academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. Traditional and very well-known playing techniques, effects and expressions are going along just fine with sonoristic experiments, interesting chords, modern expressions and innovative ways of playing. A multi-colorful and organic mix of all these playing techniques and expressions finally forms an impressive, bright and exclusive instrumental section. Sharp, frantic and thrilling chord’s sequences contain the base of harmony line. It’s gently corresponding together with dynamic, bright and driving rhythmic section. Independent melodies, bright energy’s explosions, inventive decisions and pleasant surprises are brought in by each improviser. Trombone’s tunes accompagnied and colorfully illustrated by electronics are filled with innovative ideas and rich musical language. Jeb Bishop is fusing together all kinds of musical language’s elements – traditional, noisy, expressive, moving, scandalous, frantic, wild or radical musical decisions are made and integrated together. The musician gets an interesting and impressive result – heavy, deep and subtle solos are changed by dramatic culminations, hollowing, cracking and thrilling riffs, hot growls, sweet and remarkable glissando, fascinating sonoristic experiments and special effects. Natural and bright tunes of trombone are modified by using electronics – special effects, computer devices sounds, synth tunes, modifications, alterations, sonic system’s experiments and loops are only one little part of electroncis which are used along with deep, dynamic and effective tunes of trombone. Alex Ward is making a great combo of clarinet and guitar. Shrieky, bright, noisy and frantic guitar is filled with dramatic and expressive melodies, flying passages, remarkable and powerful riffs, turbulent vibrant culminations, noisy and interesting sounds, special effects and spontaneous solos. Gentle, light and expressive clarinet’s solos are highly contrasting to shrieky and bright guitar. Alex Ward is developping his very own and original playing manner – he manages to combine together gentle, light and transcendental passages, expressive and emotional melodies, roaring thrills, perturbating blow outs, sparkling, growling and cracking solos, driving sessions and exciting sound experiments with soft, gloomy, deep, solemn and lyrical excerpts which also contain an important part of the compositions. All wide range of emotions, characters and expressions is created here – that makes an effort to driving, exclusive and innovative sound. Drums section by Weasel Walter is filled with all kinds of rhythmic figures. Improviser finds the way hot to fuse together calm stable beats, typical figures of contemporary, modern or traditional jazz, expressive, furously fast and active rhythms of Afroamerican and Western Africa music, complicated rhythms of modern jazz and breaking, driving and wild free improvisations. A rhythmic section is bright, luminous and dynamic – it goes through different moods: from silent pauses to terryfying beats, lyrical contemplations, light and gentle excerpts, driving crazy and breaking sessions or expressive and remarkable melodies. That makes an effort to exclusive and original sound. The music of this album is filled with modern innovations, fascinating sound experiments and impressive free improvisations.

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