Franz Koglmann Septet – “Fruits Of Solitude” (Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics, 2019)

Koglmann, Franz Septet (w / Clark / Arcari / D'Agaro / Turkovic / Pasztor / Herbert): Fruits Of Soli (Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

“Fruits Of Solitude” is out on “Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics” label. Album was recorded by “Franz Koglmann Septet” – it’s Franz Koglmann (flugelhorn, trumpet), John Clark (french horn),
Mario Arcari (oboe, english horn), Daniele D’Agaro (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone), Milan Turkovic (bassoon), Attila Pasztor (cello) and Peter Herbert (double bass) who are playing together. The septet’s compositions have an expressive, interesting and dynamic sound. All musicians are the masters of improvisational music – they have their own playing style, suggestive and expressive musical language, inspiring and unique sound and creative point of view. The compositions usually have an impressive instrumental section – musicians don’t hesitate to integrate provocative, radical, weird or simply crazy musical decisions along with classical ways of playing. Sonoristic and timbral experiments are their main priority – the musicians are searching to new timbres, strange and colorful tunes, expressive coloristics, rare and exotic combos, special effects and interesting stylistic allusions to make an innovative and interesting sound. Their music is filled with surprises, spontaneous solos, colorful and remarkable melodies, sparkling virtuosity and driving, moving, thrilling and original sound.

“Fruits Of Solitude” are filled with interesting combos, innovative decisions and exciting ideas. All music is based on synthesis of contemporary academical, modern classical and experimental music and the main elements of avant-garde and experimental jazz. The musicians frequently make the stylistic turns and allusions to the roots of traditional, early or modern jazz styles, as well as to the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Each composition has its own conception and a tribute to one or other famous artist or musician –  the interesting interpretations and stylistic allusion to the famous themes or works of Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Charles Mingus, Max Roach, Jimmy Giuffre, Jack Sheldon, Dick Twardzik, Martial Solal and David Hockney. Franz Koglmann is using his own and original conception, innovative point of view, academical musical language and inventive decisions to create fascinating and impressive sound. The music is contrasting, bright and dynamic. It has many tunes and sounds related to romantism, post-romantism, modernism and modern classical music. That makes an effort to instrumental section – it’s based on the compilation of chamber ensemble and has all the main elements of contemporary academical music tules of instrumentation which are gently combined together with sound experiments, extended, innovative, experimental, shocking, provocative and radical ways of playing, free improvisation and special effects. Composer finds the best way how to blend together all huge range of these themes, tunes and playing techniques – the instrumental section is suggestive, bright, expressive and innovative. Franz Koglmann’s music also has a bright, modern and extravagant musical language and innovative composing style which is based on dozens of different composing techniques. Puantilism, serialism, some tunes of dodecaphony, remarkable and emotional melodies related to romantism, impressionism or post-impressionism, repetitive samples, meditative minimalistic samples, sound experiments, specific modern ways of playing of academic avant-garde, own made composing techniques made by composer and wild spontaneous free improvisations – all these elements contain the main base of music. The energy, brightness and drive are brought in by brass section. Melodic, bright and tremendous flugelhorn, expressive and vital french horn, shrieky, sharp and loud trumpet – that’s the main base of brass section. Musicians are trying out extended and experimental playing techniques and fusing together contrasting episodes to one place. Sparkling riffs, vibrant thrills, perturbating tremendous culminations, sharp growling and frantic sounds, dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, illustrative coloristics, remarkable melodies and interesting innovative interpretations of famous themes – all three musiicans manage to make a perfect fusion of all these elements and create original and bright sound. Reeds section is a source of vividness, light, brightness and expression. Modern musical language, huge range of sounds, timbres and moods, dynamic changes, spontaneous solos and wide variety of playing techniques make a hypnotising and impressive sound. It dictates the main note to the melody line – it’s alive, dynamic, driving and expressive. Roaring blow outs, impressive charming riffs, wild free improvisations, passionate solos or subtle dreamy excerpts, and interesting compilations of oboe, various types of clarinets and saxophones, bassoon and english horn. All these instruments gently fit together – this section has evocative, bright and innovative sound. It’s somewhere between free improvisation, experimental jazz and still strongly related to contemporary academical music and its main tendencies. Strings section is formed from cello and double bass brigs moving, deep and emotional sound. Vibrant melodies, stable bass line, spontaneous solos, tremendous wild culminations or light, subtle and relaxing pauses, vivid  light passages, soft pizzicato or marvelous sessions – musicians gently combine together all these elements. The music of this album has rich musical language, difficult and polyphonic musical pattern and is a nice fusion of improvisational music, experimental jazz and new conceptual and evocative contemporary academical music.


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