Torbjörn Zetterberg & The Great Question – “Live” (Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2019)

Zetterberg, Torbjorn & The Great Question: Live (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

“Live” is a new release of “Corbett vs. Dempsey” label. Album was recroded by Torbjörn Zetterberg and his new quintet “The Great Question” – here Torbjorn Zetterberg (double bass), Susana Santos Silva (trumpet, tin whistle), Mats Aleklint (trombone, harmonica), Jonas Kullhammar (tenor saxophone, flute), Alberto Pinton (baritone saxophone, clarinets, flute) and Jon Falt (drums). Five featured and experienced jazz masters had joined together to improvise. Their music is remarkable, bright and exciting. Musicians had already developped their own sound and effective playing manner. All the music is based on free improvisation, the basics of avant-garde jazz, some tunes related to modern jazz styles and streams of American and European avant-garde jazz. Rich and expressive musical language, all kinds of scales and rhythms, emotional and thrilling playing style, interesting sonoristic experiments and special effects are the main elements of these improvisers music. Improvisers are getting on adventurous and wild culminations by using the innovations of avant-garde and experimental jazz. They also make a return back to the roots of avant-garde jazz – classical, exclusive and effective ways of playing are used here.

“Live” is based on the main basics of avant-garde jazz gently synthesized together with modern jazz styles. All compositions are made with pleasure, drive and expression. All five jazz masters have an exceptional sound, original and inspiring playing style, emotional playing manner and fantastic virtuosity. Creativity, talent, the will to get on brave and adventurous musical experiments or integrate modern, radical and provocative decisions are the main priorities gently brought all together. An open form and collective improvisation is used everywhere. Modern, colorful and expressive instrumental section is a fusion of experimental, traditional, classical, unique, specific and extended playing techniques, special effects, exotic and rare combos, strange tunes and gorgeous ornaments. Stable, dynamic and energetic rhythmic section gives a strong rhythmic base to all compositions and makes an effort to original, bright and passionate sound. The melody line is simply fantastic – remarkable, expressive, vital and individual melodies form polyphonic texture and bring an energetic, luminous and dynamic mood to whole album. Flutes, saxophones and clarinets by Jonas Kullhammar and Alberto Pinton have a joyful and expressive sound. Reeds section is rich, remarkable and intense. Both musicians are open to brave, ambitious and remarkable ideas. Their music is full of unexpected turns, spontaneous solos, marvelous and wild culminations, frantic riffs, strong contrasts and colorful surprises. Soft, deep, gloomy and calm flutes tunes are changed by shrieky aggressive riffs, luminous and dramatic culminations, passionate and expressive melodies or vivid, gentle and elegant pieces. Jonas Kullhammar is fusing together calm solemn and gentle flutes and active, bright and energetic saxophone. Albert Pinton is also making an organic synthesis of relaxing flutes, expressive, vivid, radical and frantic saxophone and moving thrilling clarinet. The music is filled with all kinds of motions, tunes, timbres and expressions – that makes stable, original and thrilling reeds section and brings the energy to whole melody line. Hit thrills, cracking, scratching, thrilling and roaring riffs, sparkling, bright and extremely loud melodies, virtuosic dizzy passages, luminous culminations, wah-wah, wide range of special effects and gorgeous ornaments gently integrated in melody line and rhythmic section – that’s the base of brass section. Trumpet by Susana Santos Silva and trombone by Mats Aleklint contain the main base of it. The musicians also are using harmonica and tin whistle. Expression, drive, buzzing and thrilling solos, impressive melodies, fascinating and enchanting passages – all these elements help to create exceptional and dynamic sound. Brass section is a source of drive, energy, expression, passion and synthesis of innovations and traditions. Tin whistle’s tunes are mostly used as a coloristic. Harmonica;s tunes bring unusual, original and exotic sound – this instrument is rarely used in free improvisations and make a great compilation with other instruments. From deep, solemn and dark solos straight down to silent pauses, meditative minimalistic samples with ambient tunes, special effects or repetitive rhythmic series growing straight to vibrant culminations, impressive free improvisations, luminous and striking riffs, soft pizzicatto or remarkable melodies. All these elements are masterfully brought all together in Torbjorn Zetterberg double bass improvisations. Improviser easily goes through different moods, synthesizes his own playing style, masterful virtuosity, fascinating musical experiments and innovative decisions. His music has an exceptional, suggestive and original sound. Real burst of energy filled with drive, aggression, hot thrills and breaking sessions – that’s the rhythmic section by Jon Falt. Hysteric breaking sessions, wild perturbating culminations, roaring and bursting riffs, strange tunes, gorgeous timbres, special effects, lyrical and meditative samples, glimpsing, sparkling and dizzy passages, enchanting culminations – all these elements are gently combined together in Jon Falt’s music. Bebop, post bop, hard bop, contemporary jazz rhythms are integrated to wild, spontaneous and impressive free improvisations and experimental jazz’s samples who certainly are the basics of the album. The music is moving, dynamic, colorful and innovative.

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