Ståhls Trio – “Källtorp Sessions, Vol. 1” (Moserobie, 2019)

Ståhls trio: Källtorp Sessions, Volume One

“Källtorp Sessions, Vol. 1” is out now on “Moserobie” label. All music was recorded and improvised by “Ståhls Trio” – it’s Mattias Ståhl (vibraphone), Joe Williamson (bass) and Christopher Cantillo (drums). The streams of innovative Scandinavian, American and European avant-garde jazz are connected together. The musicians have much experience in original and inspiring improvising – they are talented and inventive jazz masters who are the central figures of contemporary experimental jazz scene. The music is influenzed by modern and contemporary jazz styles – bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool, mainstream and other similar elements. Mattias Ståhl is famous vibraphonist. His music has expressive, modern and colorful sound. Wide musical knownledge, sonoristic experiments, inventive and original decisions, suggestive playing technique – all these elements are connected to one place. Great bassist Joe Williamson has his own playing technique, unique sound, driving and inspiring style and expressive manner. Improviser moderates huge range of colors, sounds and spontaneous surprises to make an exceptional and emotional sound. Christopher Cantillo is a featured drummer of contemporary experimental jazz scene. Sound experiments, special effects, interesting rhythmic compilations, rare and exotic combos, research of original timbres are the main priorities of his improvisations. Musicians are gently corresponding to each other’s playing – that’s why the music of the trio has expressive and moving sound.

“Källtorp Sessions, Vol. 1” is a synthesis of avant-garde jazz, experimental and free improvisational music. The improvisers are combining together traditional and experimental ways of playing, extended and inventive playing techniques, special effects, gorgeous ornaments and repetitive sessions to construct a suggestive, modern and evocative instrumental section. They’re demonstrating their wide musical knownledge, colorful and expressive playing manner, inspiring and driving sound and rich musical language. Stable harmony line, moving and fantastic melody section, energetic and dynamic rhythmic section, gorgeous and multi-colorful background and simply marvelous instrumental section contain the main base of musical pattern. The musicians are combining together huge range of ways of composing – repetitive rhythmic or melodic series, minimalistic samples are gently combined together with experimental, home-made, radical, evocative, weird or simply interesting composing ways. All these elements and ways are connected together in one section by using free improvisation and open form. The music has dynamic and vital mood. Awakening musical decisions, fresh ideas, sound experiments, interesting stylistic allusions from the avant-garde jazz roots and innovations to experimental and contemporary academical music, noise or any other genre related to academic avant-garde, are made. Musicians manage to blurr all the sections in one place – all the sections are corresponding with each other and makes an effort to universal and enchanting sound. Bass by Joe Williamson makes an effort to whole album – its stable deep repetitive series form a tight bass line, when the improviser gets on luminous culminations, vibrant perturbating riffs, bright and expressive melodies or dives in contemplative lyrical excerpts with research of strange timbres, sonoristic experiments, minimalistic samples and meditative mood. The music is filled with evocative decisions, modern innovations and impressive sound. Drums section by Christopher Cantillo is energetic, dynamic and based on experimental musical decisions. Hysteric nervous series, shrieky and trendy riffs, glimpsing light solos, moving glissando, expressive and remarkable melodies, breaking driving sessions or stable slow beats – these are the main elements of the drums section. Drummer is demonstrating his own playing style, suggestive and expressive playing manner, impressive virtuosity and inventive point of view, original sound experiments and innovative decisions. All these elements are gently combined together and make an effort to passionate and terrific rhythmic section. The music of this album is remarkable and bright, it has expressive and innovative sound.



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