Simon Nabatov Quintet – “Last Minute Theory” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“Last Minute Theory” is a new release of “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by “Simon Nabatov Quintet” – it’s Tony Malaby (tenor and soprano saxophones), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Michael Formanek (double bass), Gerald Cleaver (drums) and Simon Nabatov (piano). The quintet has a remarkable, expressive and dynamic sound. Each member of this quintet is featured and talented improviser who has much experience in improvising. The improvisers are improvising and collaborating with other famous jazz stars – they’re the central figures of world-wide experimental jazz scene. Expression, drive, avility to connect together absolutely different compounds, techniques, textures and timbres, innovative point of view, wide musical knownledge and fantastic playing technique are the main reasons why these musicians are so famous. All their music is based on free improvisation. The streams of American and European experimental jazz are gently combined together – the innovations and roots of avant-garde jazz gently correspond to each other. The musicians succesfully manage to respond to each other’s playing – maybe that’s the main reason, why their music has effective, bright, unpredictable and sparkling sound.

“Last Minute Theory” is dynamic, moving and wild. Five great jazz masters gently fit together – they are responding to each other’s playing with fantastic immediate responses, spontaneous solos, wild free and terrific culminations or subtle minimalistic samples. Wide musical knownledge, evocative decisions, innovative and suggestive playing technique, wide range of styles, colors and sounds, expression, drive and the will to create fresh, new and original sound – all these elements are organically integrated to the musical pattern. It’s rich, expressive and polyphonic. Individual melodies are created by each jazz master – it’s inspiring, thrilling and striking for the most of the time. Solid, vibrant and dynamic melody line is illustrated by energetic and bright rhythmic section, universal and simply amazing instrumental section, colorful background and expressive harmonic section. All music is based on open form, free improvisation, the innovations of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians also don’t hesitate to make strange, evocative, provocative or completely crazy musical decisions or get on ambitious and adventurous sonoristic experiments. The improvisers don’t forget the roots and main basics of avant-garde jazz – the main elements of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz are frequently integrated to musical pattern. An impression and spontanity are the main principes of improvising – musicians are improvising with drive, energy, passion and fantasy. Their music is a great compilation of thousands of colors, sounds, characters and timbres. The melody line is the key of the compositions. It dictates the main mood of album – the music is driving, dynamic, expressive and based on active mood. Saxophone’s tunes by Tony Malaby are presenting bright, fresh and evocative sound. Sharp, aggressive and growling tunes, rigorous and frantic riffs, passionate, wild and expressive melodies, transcendental passages, gentle and soft excerpts, lyrical contemplations or silent pauses. Hot thrills, full blasts of energy, perturbating sessions are bright accents of whole melody line. That makes an effort to dynamic and exclusive saxophone’s tunes. Guitar tunes by Brandon Seabrook are dynamic and moving. Improviser masterfully combines together sonoristic experiments, dynamic and expressive melodies, dark and heavy downs, lyrical pauses or strange sounds. The guitar improvisations have suggestive and modern sound – sonoristic experiments, expansion of technical abilities, timbral and instrumental innovations and spontaneous surprises are the main elements of it. Trendy, moving and sparkling riffs, roaring and wild sessions, breaking perturbating series, light, subtle and lyrical excerpts, expressive, charming and driving melodies – all these elements gently fit together in Simon Nabatov’s piano improvisations. Hypnotising, impressive and dynamic sound is created. Stable and deep bass line is formed by Michael Formanek. It’s formed by repetitive tunes longly-repeated one after the other. Michael Formanek is a master of his art – he fuses together academical, experimental and classical playing techniques, special effects, research of strange timbres or evocative decisions, sparkling and thrilling culminations, calm relaxing pauses or vivid, elegant and light excerpts. An organic synthesis of all these elements helps the musican to create exceptional and dynamic sound. Hysteric complicated series of bebop, aggressive hard bop, transcendental passages, sudden ascendings and descendings, immediate jumps from the one mood to the other, perturbating and simply amazing sessions – all these elements are masterfully combined together in effective and impressive drums section by Gerald Cleaver. The music of this album has a remarkable and expressive sound.

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