Mario Pavone Dialect Trio – “PHILOSOPHY” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“PHILOSOPHY” is released on “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by “Mario Pavone Dialect Trio” – it’s Mario Pavone (double bass), Matt Mitchell (piano) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums). All three musicians are impressive jazz masters and composers – their music is based on free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz, the newest tendencies of these styles and the tunes related to hard bop, bebop and other modern jazz styles. Musicians manage to make an organic fusion of all these styles and are dedicated to create something new. Bassist Mario Pavone is getting on brave ambitious and original sound experiments, research of strange tunes and organic stylistic allusions. Avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and modern jazz styles meet together on his music. Pianist Matt Mitchell has especially expressive, sharp, vivid and moving playing manner, driving sound and innovative point of view. His music is a mix of drive, expressions, original ideas, evocative, bright and impressive decisions. Drummer Tyshawn Sorey has much experience in combining together absolutely differenty playing styles and rhythms – his music is filled with all kinds of colors, tunes, timbres and expressions, furious and frantic sounds, special effects and gorgeous percussion’s sounds.

“PHILOSOPHY” is filled with expression, drive and dynamic sound. The music is totally based on the newest tendencies of avant-garde and experimental jazz. An influenze of bebop, post bop, hard bop, mainstream jazz and contemporary academical music also is heard. The musicians are mixing up together traditional, classical and experimental ways of playing. Special effects, rare combos, eccentric decisions, innovative, specific or home-made ways of playing contain the main base of instrumental section. It’s gently combined together to classical and very well-known playing techniques. An organic and artsy synthesis of various ways of playing and innovations makes an effort to bright, moving and impressive instrumental section. Musicians are improvising with pleasure, drive and and energy. All the music is totally based on bright riffs, dramatic and remarkable culminations, sparkling melodies, passionate and sudden turns, gorgeous virages, spontaneous impressive free improvisations and frantic bursts of energy. Sonoristic experiments on timbral, rhythmic and instrumental section is the main priority of musicians. They succesfully manage to create a remarkable and impressive melody line, dynamic and wide rhythmic section, gorgeous background and stable harmonic pattern. All these layers form a multi-colorful, bright, polyphonic and astonishing musical pattern. The melody line is basically kept by Matt Mitchell. His piano tunes dictates the main mood of whole album – it’s contrasting, sparkling, bright and evocative. Pianist gently combines together wide range of tunes and colors – he also has driving and effective playing manner. Here meets expressive moving melodies, tremendous hysteric and frantic riffs, aggressive perturbations, wild monotonic sequences of disonances, dramatic angry and sharp culminations who go straight down to silent relaxing pieces, light and gentle excerpts, meditative minimalistic samples with special effects and sound experiments. Transcendental passages, gorgeous ornaments, splendid and masterful virtuosity – these elements are especially important to whole sound and melody line. Piano tunes bring energy, drive, perturbation and brightness to whole album. Bass by Mario Pavone is a source of strange timbres, original tunes, evocative decisions and impressive sound. Bassist has his own, unique and effective sound. His music is based on artsy, bright and organic combo of sounds, tunes and expressions. Stable, deep and monotonic tunes keep tight bass line which is accompagnied by heavy, dark and ambient tunes, vibrant culminations, expressive and remarkable melodies, terrific free improvisations and spontaneous surprises. The music is a mix of free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the main tendencies of academic avant-garde, noise and experimental music. Mario Pavone manages to make original, suggestive and passionate sound. Wild, dynamic, energetic and blasting drums section is leaded by Tyshawn Sorey. Experienced talented drummer manages to fuse together stable slow beats, monotonic sequences, wild shrieky and breaking sessions, sparkling free improvisations, dramatic vibrant and terrific culminations, touching tremolo, special effects, gorgeous percussion tunes – all these elements are gently combined together in Tyshawn Sorey’s music and make a marvelous and exclusive rhythmic section. The music of this album has dynamic, bright and evocative sound.

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