Jason Alder, Thanos Chrysakis, Caroline Kraabel, Yoni Silver – “Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics” (Aural Terrains, 2019)

Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics cd cover

“Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics” is released on “Aural Terrains”. Album was recorded by four creative and featured musicians – it’s Jason Alder (bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet, clarinet in B♭, clarinet in E♭), Thanos Chrysakis  (laptop computer, synthesizers), Caroline Kraabel (baritone saxophone, voice) and Yoni Silver (bass clarinet). All music is an organic synthesis of avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, experimental and contemporary academical music, and electronics. Musicians are experienced and talented improvisers – their music is bright, evocative and expressive. Masterful virtuosity, fantastic playing technique, expressive and vital playing manner, innovative sound and effective modern and extravagant instrumentation – all these things are the basics of music of these improvisers. Musicians are open to new, extravagant and innovative decisions. Sound experiments, synthesis of electronics and acoustics, research of original, weird and innovative ways of playing, and evocative ideas – musicians don’t hesitate to integrate all these elements in their music.

“Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics” is based on contrasts and expressive ideas. Musicians are dedicated to create something new and inspiring – that’s the reason why they’re making exotic tunes, rare and eclectic combos, interesting stylistic allusions, timbral and sonoristic experiments and innovative instrumental ideas. Musicians manage to combine together pitches and timbres, explosing and stable rhythms, soft consonances and sharp aggressive disonances – their music is filled with wide range of moods, tunes, sounds and expressions. The musical pattern is made by contrasting and individual compounds who are illustrative, bright and independent. Each episode has its own character and sound. Musicians gently combine together frantic free improvisations, stable and calm excerpts, minimalistic and meditative samples, thrilling spills, hot bursts of energy or sad, sophisticated and lyrical episodes. The instrumental section is impressive – it’s a mix of modern innovations, traditional academical ways of playing, innovative ideas, specific, experimental, weird, exotic and bright playing techniques and tunes of electronics. The musicians are moderating huge range of playing techniques – they’re dedicated to make a perfect and interesting combo between reeds and electronics. Clarinets by Jason Alder contain the basement of melody line. Deep, steady, light, heavy, solemn and lyrical excerpts are the main basics of his improvisations. These episodes have effective and original sound. It suddenly grows out to dramatic,bursting, vibrant, blowing and roaring culminations. Jason Alder is paying an attention to research of new timbres, timbral and instrumental experiments and an expansion of sound’s comfort zone. That’s why the compilation of timbres, tunes and sounds is much more important than glamorous, remarkable and charming melody, who’s also is frequently used in his music. The improvisations by Jason Alder make an effort to melody line – it makes it stable, bright and evocative. Bass clarinet by Yoni Silver is deep, heavy and inspiring. Yoni Silver is an experienced improviser, who had already developped his own and unique sound and hypnotising playing technique. His improvisations is amix of free improvisations, wild spontaneous solos, lyrical excerpts who are changed by passionate and sparkling culminations – contrasts, masterful virtuosity, innovative and inspiring ideas, radical decisions, expressive melodies, sonoristic experiments and special effects are the main elements of Yoni Silver music. It makes bright, inspiring and modern sound. Baritone saxophone by Caroline Kraabel is filled with eccentric decisions, modern ideas, bright and expressive melodies and fascinating experiments. Remarkable solos, gorgeous ornaments, blowing and roaring riffs, the synthesis between sad, calm and lyrical pieces and thrilling, furious and passionate culminations, vivid transcendental passages make an effort to driving and dynamic sound. Voice elements are used as the coloristics – whispers, hollows, spoken elements, recitals, recitations, declamations, various sounds, strange timbres and tunes gently illustrate the musical pattern. These three musicians form an impressive and organic melody line, as well as independent rhythmic section and modern harmonic pattern. They manage to combine all these layers together and make absolutely amaxing and inspiring sound. Electronics by Thanos Chrysakis are making modern, evocative and awakening sound. Computer’s and laptop’s tunes, sonoristic experiments, main elements of concrete, absolute, sonoristic, spectral and experimental music, drone, glitch, loops, groove, special effects, alterations, modified timbres and tunes – that’s the main basic of electronics who make a contrasting and amazing sound. The music of this album has innovative and original sound.


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